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Table of Contents

  1. Go to the Funding & Tenders Portal (F&T Portal):

  2. Click the Login button. You will be prompted to authenticate through the EU login screen: 
  3. Enter your email address in the field provided, then click the Next button.
    You will be prompted for your password. 
  4. Click the arrow beside the Password field and select the authentication method you require from the drop-down menu. In this example, we use "Password"

    (info) Note:  EU Login supports a variety of verification methods. Using a password is the simplest one. Other verification methods involve using additional devices which can provide more security. These are mainly used by the staff of EU institutions when working remotely. For more information, click here.

  5. Enter your password in the Password field.

    (info) Note:  For more information on password requirements, click here.

  6. Click the Sign in button.

To select a call topic in the Funding & Tenders Portal, perform the following steps:

  1. Once logged in to the Portal, you will need to select the Call Topic for which you will submit your proposal.
  2. Click on Search funding & tenders.

  3. Filters are displayed on the left side, between the elements of Manage my area and the results, which are displayed on the right side. First, untick the Tenders box:

  4. Then use the different filters. You can use one filter or combine several ones. This is a description of the different available filters:

    Programme filter: Select a specific programme from the list (only one programme can be selected for each search).

    Some programmes, such as H2020, can contain further filtering options.

    Other programmes do not contain any further filtering options, but whenever a programme has been selected, a new field appears (Filter by Call) where you can select by Call. Either scroll down in the list of calls or type part of the topic ID to set up the filter. The results on the right side of the screen show the Topics.

    Status: To filter the results by status, tick the corresponding status under Submission status. By default, Forthcoming and Open for submission are already selected. A tick means that the status is included in the search. Click on it to select or unselect it.

    Text search: To search by a keyword, type a relevant word in the box on the top of the Filter menu and click on the magnifier icon, or hit Enter in your keyboard, to perform the search. The results are shown as 'topic cards' on the right of the screen, which are overviews of each topic. Check this example where the different elements of topic cards are outlined:

    The input provided in the search box looks for 2 different types of matches:

    -Matches for any text appearing in the topic card

    -Matches for keywords

    (info) CPV code refers to keywords in the context of tenders. In the domain of funding opportunities, we use keywords.

    When you start typing, a list of keywords matching what is being typed will display, scroll down in the list to locate the exact keyword. These suggestions correspond only to keywords, not to any existing text in the topic card.

    Please mind the Match whole words only checkbox. If ticked, it means that the results will exclude all potential matches which do not contain the exact word you typed.
    When you do not tick this checkbox, however, all topics containing keywords and text in the topic card which partially match what you typed will be given as results (i.e., in the case of "fronti" above the results would include "frontier" and "frontier research" keywords if you do not tick Match whole words only).
    Also, please note that this field can be used to search not only on keywords, but on the text of the call page. Therefore, if you know the topic ID or the topic name, you can type it directly in the box without the need to select a programme first.

  5. When you have obtained a list of results, you can use the Sort by options on the top to display them by opening date, title, ID or deadline. By default, results are displayed by Submission status.


  6. Click on the Topic title to access the call description page.

  7. Either scroll down to the Select your type of action to start submission in the call page (1), or select Submission Service in the table of contents on the left (2). Then click on the Start Submission button next to the selected type of action.


To watch a video of this task being performed, click the image below:

2 minutes 2 seconds

Download the whole Proposal Submission Service User Guide as an Adobe PDF file.


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