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Step 6: The 'Proposal Submitted' Page

Reaching Step 6 means that your proposal has been successfully submitted and therefore sent to the European Commission services for evaluation. 
In Step 6 you can perform the following actions, as indicated in the image below:

If the call has been configured to add spread sheet as part of the annexes, they will appear listed in this screen. You can also download them via the Download button.

Revise (Re-edit) the Proposal

Click the re-edit proposal button to go back to Step 5 if you need to revise the proposal. The Proposal Coordinator may continue to modify the proposal and submit revised versions overwriting each preceding one right up until the deadline.
(info) Note: This option will not be available if you attempt to revise a proposal which was submitted for a 'continuously open call'. It will not be possible to edit proposals for calls which are already closed.

eReceipt: Download the Submitted Proposal Package

After you submit the proposal, it is advised to download it in order to check that it has been correctly sent. The downloaded proposal will be digitally signed by the Commission's servers and time-stamped. Depending on the system load, this action may take some time before it is accessible. Click the Download button to download the proposal. 
(info) Note: Depending on the volume of proposals submitted, this signed and time stamped version can take from a few seconds up to several hours to be visible in the submission application. When call closure is reached, this can take up to 72 hours. Please contact the Service Desk if it is not yet available 72 hours after call closure.

Withdraw a Submitted Proposal

If your proposal is withdrawn, it will not be considered for evaluation. However, the system will keep the proposal draft and the withdraw action may be reversed by re-submitting the proposal before the call deadline. You will have to enter a reason for the withdrawal.

When a proposal is withdrawn, a message is displayed on the screen informing that the proposal currently holds that status. An e-mail is also sent to the Proposal Coordinator, including the details of the withdrawn proposal. Note that the e-mail might get lost in your spam folder or get blocked by the anti-spam system of your organisations, so make sure that you check for it as needed.

Partner Actions

To be added to the Consortium, a partner must have both an EU login and a PIC for his/her organization. When the Proposal Coordinator clicks the Save changes button, in Step 4, an automatic email will be sent to all the Partner contacts with the proposal related links.

A partner contact without an EU Login will be prompted in the proposal notification email to register in the application.


Once the Partners enter the electronic submission system, they will launch into the Step 5 of the submission process where the Edit forms button enables them to access the electronic administrative forms and the rest of the proposal package as their participation requires.

To access the consortium contact details, they will need to click the Back button – thus going back to Step 4 of the submission process.

Completing the forms

When the PDF form is opened, the partner will have to verify or fill in their administrative form and make sure to correct any validation errors. To check for validation errors, partners must use the VALIDATE FORM button located at the top of the form. The process is the same as explained under the Ready to submit section within Step 5.

Please note that only the proposal coordinator will be able to upload files for the Part B.

Download the whole Proposal Submission Service User Guide as an Adobe PDF file.

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