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Table of Contents: Grant Management Services System

Table of Contents: Periodic Reporting


The precondition for reporting is the signature of the Grant Agreement by the Coordinator and the EU.

There are two types of reporting in the Grant Management Services in the Funding & Tenders Portal:

  • Continuous Reporting: available from the beginning of a project. 
  • Periodic Reporting: available at the end of a reporting period 

(warning) In FP7, Continuous Reporting is called "Deliverables", because it only includes deliverables. For H2020, Continuous Reporting contains not only deliverables, but also milestones etc. 

The periodic reporting process consists of several phases:

  1. Logging in to the Funding & Tenders Portal when you have received a notification. 
  2. Completing the report. 
  3. Submitting the report to the EU. 
  4. The EU assess the report. 
  5. The EU perform the Interim Payment. 

Process description and steps

Supported sections per Type of Action 

Please click here for more information. 

Cases not supported 

Some cases are not supported yet, although the periodic reporting is already available. Please contact the helpdesk to have these cases assessed and treated accordingly. 

  • For MSCA-IF 

    • Universal Takeover of a beneficiary, if the new beneficiary is in a different country than the old one
    • Change of beneficiary 
    • Change of partner organisation for MSCA-IF-GF

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