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The navigation menu allows an easy navigation through data groups and section of the Update page. You can select the relevant data section to view or edit your organisation's data.

You do not need to fill in all sections; it will depend on whether you are applying for funding or tender opportunities. We will indicate in this guide when one of the sections is not applicable to a specific domain.

The navigation menu also provides information on the status of data submission in the Update Page.

Read more about icons and symbols within the navigation menu in the following paragraph.

  1. Incorrect format: the incorrect format icon  appears when you submit data that does not correspond to the formatting rules (e.g. too many characters). The icon will be displayed next to the data category in the navigation menu. Additionally, a warning is displayed below the submit changes button; 

Important: When this icon is displayed, you cannot submit changes until the data is entered in the correct format;

2. Data not Submitted: every time you modify data, a yellow icon   is displayed. The user is reminded to submit changes before closing the application. The navigation menu displays an icon in the relevant data group. In the main page, data groups containing non-submitted data will be marked with the label .

Important: You are advised not to close the browser tab while the page shows a "To be Submitted" icon as the system will not retain your modified data. The system will display an alert should you accidentally close the browser tab.

3. Data Required: the  and icons  appear if specific data is requested by the Validation Services. In such cases, you can still submit changes but the icons will be displayed as long as the requested data is still missing.

 4. Document Requested. The number inside the red box   details how many documents are requested by the EC Validation Services.

All requested documents, as listed in the document section below, can be uploaded one by one.

5. Submit changes: click the button to finalise your data update. You can find this button when you access the page in "update" mode and at least one input field has been changed ( icon appears). Once changes are submitted, the page will be in View (read only) mode. To continue editing, you can click .

6. Info tips: for each field, click the icon  for a description of the data field. To close it, click outside the window.

Download the whole Participant Register User Guide as an Adobe PDF file.

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