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Recommended  System Configuration

The electronic submission system of the European Commission is a web application. Therefore, a working Internet connection is needed in order to use it. Although the system has been tested with a set of typical reference configurations, it is not guaranteed that the application will be fully functional on your computer. The system provides a diagnostic window that will warn you about some possible incompatibilities.

To use the electronic submission system, ensure that your computer configuration complies with the following mandatory system requirements:


Mandatory configuration

Internet connection

DSL Line, 2.0 Mb/s or faster


RAM – 4 GB or more

Screen resolution

Minimum 1680 x 1050 of higher


JavaScript must be enabled


Cookies must be enabled

Pop-up blocker

Website should be white-listed in the pop-up blocker

PDF Reader

A PDF reader application will be needed in order to use the functionality of print preview, as well as being able to check the annexes in Part B, since they have to be uploaded in pdf format.

The reader is not needed to fill in the administrative form part A, however.

The following table shows the operating systems and browsers actively supported by the system. This configuration will provide you with a fully enhanced experience.

Operating system

Internet browser

Windows 7, 8 & 10

Chrome 54

Firefox 45

Internet Explorer 11

Microsoft Edge 13-14

Mac OS X from 10.10

Safari 10

Chrome 54

Firefox 45


Firefox 45

Note:  The use of mobile devices for online submission of research proposals is not supported.

The following configuration will provide you with an acceptable performance. Any other versions of internet browsers are out of scope for support: 

Operating system

Internet browser

Windows Vista & 8

Firefox 40-44 
Chrome from 49-53

Mac OS X

Safari 8-9


Chrome 49-53

Troubleshooting Document Structure (E-Receipt: Signature not verified message)


You receive the following message: "The European Commission digital signature (eReceipt) of the submitted proposal is not validated" after downloading your submitted proposal.


The following procedure is only applicable for Windows operating systems. After downloading the submitted proposal:


  1. Click signature located at the table of contents page.
  2. Click Signature Properties… in the Signature Validation Status window.
  3. In the Signature Properties window click on ' Show Signer's Certificate…'
  4. Select 'Trust' tab and Click on 'Add to Trusted Identities' in the Certificate Viewer window.
  5. Click on 'OK' to confirm in the Acrobat Security pop-up window.
  6. The Import Contact Settings window should be displayed.
  7. Tick off the 'Use this certificate as a trusted root' and click OK (note: ticking off 'Certified documents' is not required).
  8. In the Signature Properties window click first on 'Validate Signature' and then on 'Close'.
  9. The Commission digital signature or eReceipt should be validated.

Download the whole Proposal Submission Service User Guide as an Adobe PDF file.
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