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(lightbulb) This page covers how to maintain the partner search profile of your own organisation. To look for partners, click here.

Accessing your organisation profile

To access the Partner Search of your organisation, click on My Organisations in the Funding & Tenders Portal.

Then click on Actions, next to the organisation, and select View Partner Search Profile from the list of available actions. You will see this option only for those organisations for which you hold a Self-Registrant, a LEAR or an Account Administrator role.

Alternatively, you can look for your own organisation using the Partner Search

Then click on your own organisation to access the Partner Search profile. If you hold one of the three roles mentioned above, you will see the Edit Description and the Add buttons which allow you to modify both the organisation description and add additional keywords.

Editing your organisation profile

Adding keywords to your organisation profile in Partner Search will make it easier for potential partners to find your organisation. Also, a good description will provide them with clarity on the areas of expertise of your organisation. To update the profile, log in to the Funding and Tenders Portal first and access the Partner Search profile of your organisation.

You will see the  button, click on it to add a description to your organisation. Then click on , it will be immediately visible for the rest of users.

Finally, enter a keyword in the box and click on the add your keyword button; they will be displayed under the Tags/Keywords area. Click the cross on right side of any of the keywords to remove them from the list (see note below). Enter as many keywords as you wish, always one by one. They are also immediately visible for users.

At the bottom of the page you have the list of topics for which your organisation is currently searching for a partner, see the following section to know how to manage your Partner Search requests.

(lightbulb)Understanding Keywords/Tags

There are two types:

    • Keywords freely added to the organisation's profile. They look like the image below; they can be added via the  button and removed by clicking on the cross. They are completely managed by the organisation itself

    • Keywords used according to the funded projects where the organisation has participated. These ones cannot be deleted nor added, since they depend from the participation of the organisation in projects and proposals.
      However, the organisation can select to display them (Publish) or hide them (withdraw) in their profile.
      They look as follows:  


      If the keyword shows it means that it is not visible at the moment, and if it shows it means that the keyword is visible in the profile for other users.

Publishing your Partner Search

Log in to the Funding & Tenders Portal. Under Search Funding & Tenders, search for a topic in which your organisation would be interested in. Click on it. Once you are displaying the topic page, click on Partner Search on the left or scroll down to the Partner Search section in the page (just after the Topic conditions and documents section).

Click on the  button. If you are LEAR, Self-registrant or Account Administrator of an organisation, you will see the list of expertise offers/ requests and a box on the top with a drop-down list. Use the drop-down list to select one of your organisations. Then, click on .

(info)The list of organisation next to the Add button are only the ones for which you hold a LEAR/Account Administrator or Self Registrant. To edit your already-published offer/request for expertise, look for it in the list and select the Partner search details option via the Actions button on the right. It is possible to add more than one Partner Search offer/request for same topic or for same organisation, but you will see a warning informing of how many Partner Searches have been published for that topic-organisation combination.

The Partner Search Details window gets displayed now, where you can specify whether you need expertise provided by the partner or you are offering your own expertise to the future partner (see 1 below). After selecting the corresponding option, enter your Partner Search description (maximum 500 characters, see 2 below).

Then click on  to publish your Partner Search or on  to discard and go back to the list of Partner Searches for that Topic. After saving, if you go back to the list of expertise offers/request, you will see yours at the bottom of the list.

To edit the currently published version of your Partner Search offer/request, click on the Actions button, select Partner search details and change the text. Once done, click on Save changes again.

Select Withdrawn and confirm in the pop-up message to unpublish it.

When you withdraw a request/offer, it disappears from the list of Partner Search offers/requests of that topic page, but you will still be able to access it via the Partner Search profile of you r organisation. Click here for more information.

Unpublishing/Republishing your Partner Search

To withdraw a partner search request/offer for one of your organisations from the Partner Search profile of the organisation, select My Organisations on the right, and then, select the View Partner Search Profile option under Actions.

Scroll down to the bottom of the page to the Published partner searches section. Only currently published offers/requests for the organisation display in this screen. Click on the Actions icon, and select Partner search details if you want to edit that offer/request.

When editing the currently published request/offer, you will be able to to withdraw via the Withdraw partner search button at the bottom.

If you want to see other offers/request which are not currently published, click on the View/edit button instead. The whole list of offers/requests for the current organisation will display regardless of whether they are published or not.

To withdraw a published offer/request, click on Actions and select withdraw the partner search.

Then click on Confirm in the pop up message.

If the current state is Withdrawn, you will see Publish the partner search under Actions, instead. Click on it to publish it back.

Then click on Confirm in the pop up message.

In any of the cases, if you want to edit the offer/request regardless of whether it is currently published or not, select Partner search details. You will access to the screen where you can edit the text.

Besides editing the text, you will see a Withdraw or republish action button depending of the current state of the offer/request

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