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Note: This section concerns you only if you organisation can be considered as SME. For more information, check the  SME information in the H2020 page in the Funding & Tenders Portal.

The Small Medium Enterprise (SME) Status can be set and modified in this data group.

Use this section to provide information about your SME Status. In some programmes, such as Horizon 2020 calls - SME instrument topics, the Self-Assessment is mandatory.

Important: SME Information is optional if you apply for the Education Programmes, you may use the SME Self-declaration in that case.


In the SME section of the Update mode of the Participant Register, you can:

  • View existing SME data for the available financial periods;
  • Open the SME Self-Assessment Wizard to run the SME self-assessment questionnaire and check whether your organisation qualifies as an SME by clicking on Start SME self assesment (or finalise an incomplete SME Self-Assessment, starting from an existing draft by clicking on Continue SME self assessment, this button will be only visible if there is an existing draft);
  • Declare your organisation's SME Status with the Self-Declaration (this option is not valid for SME instrument calls).

Viewing the SME data of your organisation 

If some SME data has already been provided, the first sub-section of SME data group will display a table with the existing SME information.

Each table row relates to a specific existing financial year and displays the following information:

-          Financial year;

-          Result (SME/Not SME);

-          Type of SME data (Self declaration, Self-Assessment, EC validation);

-          Details (available for Self-Assessments and EC validations);

-          Financial Closing date;

-         Status (this shows the status for data not yet submitted);

Important: the SME Data table is only visible if some SME information is available.

Run the SME self-assessment

To perform the SME self-assessment, you can click the START SME self-assessment button.

When starting the assessment, please consider the following points:

-    You can find relevant information and guidelines on the "How to" link that you will find in the SME self-assessment section;

-   An SME self-assessment for a specific financial year will overwrite existing SME data for the same year;

-   After completing the SME self-assessment, you will see a new row appearing in the SME data table with the status . In order to adopt the changes made, you must click the  button;

- The system will save a draft copy of your Self Assessment and keep it for you to work on later. You can continue working on it by selecting the option  .

Important : this option is not available if you completed the SME self-assessment wizard. Please, also note that the SME wizard do not support the use of mobile devices. 

Provide an SME self-declaration

To declare your organisation as SME (or not SME), you can use the option in the last section of the SME data group (SME self-declaration). After selecting your SME status, you must add a date and click the "ok" button.

A new row will appear in the SME data table displaying the status "To Submit". In order to adopt the changes made, you must click the button.

Nice to know:

Q: SME Declaration and Self-Assessment: which Financial Year am I creating?

A: The Financial Year you create is computed from the date you enter. For dates from 1/1/xx to 30/6/xx the system will generate the financial year xx-1; for dates from 1/7/xx to 31/12, the system will generate Financial Year xx.

Download the whole Participant Register User Guide as an Adobe PDF file.


Click here to access the full guide on how to run the SME Wizard.

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