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Note Procurement: The following process to nominate a LEAR is applicable to all cases, including Procurement. Nevertheless, please visit the e-PRIOR wiki for procurement specific information.

The LEAR data group allows you to add or update personal information of the Legal Entity Representative of your organisation. If there is no request for LEAR data, your LEAR tab will appear as below:

You are only asked (and able) to enter LEAR information if the  and   labels appear.

You can appoint a new LEAR by clicking 

  (warning) For more information about the LEAR appointment process, check the Online Manual.

Click , to access the LEAR data entry screen. The LEAR EU login account section must be filled in first with the key data of the future LEAR.This information will also be used to create an EU LOGIN account for the new LEAR , should the entered information not be registered in EU Login yet. If the email address of the future LEAR has not been registered yet, you will have the option of "inviting" him or her to register.

By clicking Continue, an invitation to register is sent to the provided email address.

You will have to wait for the LEAR to accept the invitation before you can continue providing LEAR data.

Also a notification in the Activity section of the page will remind the person registering the LEAR data that it is temporarily not possible to continue the LEAR appointment process.

Only when the future LEAR accepts this invitation, you will be able to resume LEAR appointment. You will be notified by email, and the LEAR section will display a disabled "continue" button that will be reactivated once the EU LOGIN invitation is received and confirmed.

If the entered email exists but either the first o last name is not provided as registered for that email address, you need to correct the details. It is not possible to use a registered email address if the rest of details do not match the details as registered.

If the account credentials do not match the information recorded in EU LOGIN. The participant will have two options:

a) Asking the future LEAR to modify first name and/or last name accordingly directly in EU LOGIN, or

b) entering a different email Address

If the provided details are as registered and no problems are found, you can click on . The LEAR data screen displays. Fill it in accordingly.

Tick 'Yes' if you want to reuse details of the organisation as previously provided in Participant Register. Make sure to enter a Mobile phone for the LEAR, at the bottom of the screen, so that the activation PIN for the LEAR account gets sent by SMS.

If the email address of the future LEAR has not been registered yet, you will have the option of "inviting" him or her to register.

When data has been provided for the Lear Data Screen, click on  to move to the following screen.  Use  instead to exit the LEAR wizard saving your changes.

Enter the first and last names and the position of the person who can represent your organisation in the Legal Representative data section. He or she will have to sign the original documents required for appointing a LEAR. This can be the CEO of the company, the rector of the university, the Director-General of the institute, etc.


Click next again to go to  the following screen. You will be prompted to submit electronically both the LEAR Appointment Documents and the Legal Representative/LEAR proof of identities.

When applicable, you are provided with a pre-filled pdf document where the data you entered during the LEAR registration wizard has been used to fill in the document. Click on the pdf icon to download it, then print it, get it signed and upload it again using the pencil icon. A reddish pencil means that document is still to be uploaded. When the document has been provided, the pencil turns yellowish.

Also, when a document has been provided, the time and date of the upload appears, together with the name of the file, next to the status. Click on it to display the content, except for the identity documents which cannot be previewed due to privacy reasons.

Note: The templates are already filled in with the information entered in Participant Register where only one Legal Representative can be specified. If more than one signature as Legal Representative is needed, the second signatory should write his/her name and sign below the first one. In such a case, the ID documents of all signatories should be combined in a single file and uploaded as document type 'Legal Representative Identity document'.

The Submit button remains disabled until all documents have been provided. If information was previously provided and saved in the LEAR Data and Legal Representative Data screens, and you go back in the wizard to modify it, when coming back to documents window, the changes will be listed, and the previously uploaded documents, except the ID related files, will be removed, since new templates will have been generated at this point, containing the updated data. You need to upload the document again.

When finished uploading the updated documents, click on Submit. Only after clicking Submit the data will be transfer to validation services, otherwise, any changes remain on level of your PIC and Validation Services will not be aware of any changes on the LEAR info of your PIC.

After submitting to validation, back to the main screen of the Participant Register, you will see 'Data Provided' under status, in the LEAR data section.

You do not need to submit your data changes by clicking the submit changes on the left, as for the rest of updates. Once the documents have been uploaded and you have clicked Submit in the LEAR wizard, the change is submitted for validation. If you are updating something else, you need to click on the New update request button for further editing.

You can edit the LEAR data by clicking on the Edit button. If you apply changes, you need to upload the documents again, using the new generated templates. Then,  you need to submit again for validation.



LEAR Replacement

The process to change the current LEAR is the same as the one to appoint a LEAR. However, you need to meet following condition for you to replace the LEAR in Participant Register:

  • You are the current (validated) LEAR of the organisation, or you have been appointed an account administrator for that specific PIC. Otherwise, you will not be able to edit the data.

To replace the LEAR, click on the  button when you go to the LEAR fact in Participant Register. You can see the status is "validated". After editing the LEAR details and sending for validation, the status will change into "data provided" again.

Follow the same steps as when you appoint a LEAR for first time. The appointed LEAR will need to have an existing EU LOGIN account linked to his/her email address, otherwise the person will need to create the account first, and you will be able to resume the replacement afterwards.

Note: It is important to maintain the data of your organisation up to date, and to ensure that there is always at least one person able to manage your organisation details in Participant Register. However, if you perform changes in your organisation data, including LEAR, but your organisation is not currently involved in any project, validation will probably not occur. As explained at the beginning of this document, this is not a problem at all, validation is done only as long as involvement in grants requires so.


    1. You are strongly advised to appoint the new LEAR as an "account administrator" should they not already have this role. This ensures that they will be able to access the organisation's data immediately and not need to wait for validation to be completed.
    2. Please remember that if the replacement LEAR is not an "account administrator" they will not have access to the organisation's data until they have been validated: as noted this may not happen immediately. It is possible to appoint more than one account administrator, ensuring like this that your organisation data can be updated when needed. 


To watch a video of this task being performed, click the image below:

Download the whole Participant Register User Guide as an Adobe PDF file.

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