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Note Procurement: The following process to add a bank account record for your organisation is applicable to all cases, including Procurement. Nevertheless, please visit the e-PRIOR wiki for more procurement specific information.

The organisations, when already involved in funding procedure, will need to register a bank account in the EU system in order to receive payments. Please note that you do not need to provide a bank account when registering your organisation for the first time. The Bank Account wizard will be available only when the Organisation data has been validated or is undergoing validation, otherwise there is no New Request button and the Bank Account area will be greyed out:

To register a bank account, click on the New Request button. A wizard will guide you while filling the bank account details. At the end of the process, you will be requested to upload one supporting document and submit it the request for validation. Please note, some of the details (account holder name, bank name, account number, etc.) need to appear in the supporting document for it to act as evidence for validation.

Note: The New Request button is not available if there is an existing bank account in draft status. If you do not wish to submit the existing draft, please delete it using the bin iconnext to the edit button. Then proceed to encode a new request.

After submitting your request for validation, the LEAR will be informed via email for the three possible scenarios. Please note that none of these scenarios will apply if no Bank Account details are required yet for your organisation, and no notification will be received until the request is actually undergoing a validation process:

  • The entered bank account has been approved.
  • The entered bank account has been rejected.
  • A corrective action is needed, which can consist on updating data or uploading a new supporting document. You will be informed in the email what the required actions are.

Tip: You can submit more than one record. However,  only a draft can exist at a time. The New request button is only visible if there are no existing drafts. If you do not wish to submit the existing draft, please delete it using the bin icon next to the edit button. Then proceed to encode a new request.

Filling in the Bank Account details

To enter the bank account details click on the button. The first screen asks you to fill the Bank Account information. All fields marked by an asterisk are compulsory and cannot be left blank.  

The account name is usually the one of the account holder, but the account holder may have been registered differently at the bank. Populate this field to reflect what is visible in the provided supporting document(s).

Under the Bank Account section, you need to provide the account number. You can either select to provide the International Bank Account Number (IBAN), or when not applicable, use your account number. The system will check correctness of the details entered in this section once the Branch address is populated. If errors are found, they will be indicated. In the example below, the provided IBAN lacks one number for the provided country:

If you select Account Number, the system will ask you to provide the account number and the BIC/SWIFT code. The SWIFT code you need to enter has to have up to 8 numbers, so if your SWIFT code is 11 characters long, for instance, you would need to enter just the first 8 characters:

Only if the selected countries are Canada, Australia/New Zeeland or EEUU, you will need to fill in an additional field, called "Branch Code" in the wizard, which corresponds to the CA transit code, AU/NZ BSB code or the EEUU ABA code. The required format of this field will be determined by the selected country.

Then click Next. In the following screen, provide the Account Holder details.

Click on next to go to the final screen. You will upload the supporting document for the provided account. A recent statement, not older than 6 months, can be used as evidence for validation. Please make sure to hide any private information such as amounts and movements, but ensure that the date of one of the transactions is not older than 6 months, or that there is proof in the document which accounts for the document not being older than 6 months. Also, please ensure that the following details are clearly visible in the provided document:

  • Name of the bank
  • Account Name
  • IBAN/Account number and additional codes, if applicable

In the unlikely situation in which you do not happen to have a bank statement as document proof, you have as an alternative the possibility to upload a financial identification form that the Participant Register will generate using the provided data. You will need to have it stamped by your financial institution, then scan it and upload it into the system. Financial identification forms which are not stamped by the bank will be rejected. Click the link at the bottom of the screen to download the form.

To upload the documentation:

  1. Click on upload document. A new window pops up. Use the Browse button to locate and select your document, then click on the Upload button.

    Once the document has been provided, the name of the file displays under the Uploaded documents section and the Upload document button disappears. Click on the name of the document to review it and make sure that the content is clearly visible.

    Upload only pdf files, and only one document is allowed per request. If you wish to upload several documents, you need to combine them in a single pdf file, zip files are not blocked but can cause corruption of data of the request in the data base, please do not use zip files.

    Use this  button to delete a provided document. The Upload document button will become visible again, once the previously uploaded one has been removed.

  2. Tick the checkbox to confirm that the document is readable and meet the requirements enumerated above. Whereas the check box is not ticked, the Submit button will not be available.
  3. Finally, click on the submit button.


    Then click Submit Changes in the pop-up window to confirm the submission of the data. The record will be displayed under the Bank Accounts section with status "Data provided". You can view the content, but you cannot edit it any more nor cancel it until the validation services has reviewed the request.

Please note that it is possible to save the Bank Account validation request in any of the three steps of the wizard by clicking on the  button. A pop-up will open up informing that the data will be saved as draft, but that it will not be sent to validations services until you click on the submit button in the Supporting Documents page. When saving a request as draft, the edit button is displayed close to the request as in the image above.

Follow Up Request

Once you have submitted a Bank Account request, the status will remain as Data provided and you will not be able to modify it. The validation of a Bank Account request is not automatically triggered, it only starts when the organisation is being validated or has been validated in the past.

During the validation process, you could be contacted by Validation Services regarding your request. The LEAR/Account Administrator will receive an email informing that a follow up is needed, with indication of the reason for follow up mentioned in the email.

You can, at that moment, go back to the PIC in Participant Register and performed the modifications as requested. Instead of the View button, and Edit button will be available. There will also be an envelope close to the BA request,

Click on the envelope to display the details of what is being requested to be modified.

Click on the Edit button to access the details, then perform the actions as requested, and then submit again by using the  button. Validation Services will be notified by the system that the modifications were done, and they will resume the validation of your request. 

Note: The original provided documents after submission cannot be removed from the request, but you can add new documents if being requested to do so by Validation Services. 

If the request gets rejected, you will be also notified via mail of the reason of rejection. When accessing the list of bank accounts provided for you pic, the rejected requests will be also listed. Click on the envelope icon in order to check the reason for rejection.


To watch a video of this task being performed, click the image below:

Download the whole Participant Register User Guide as an Adobe PDF file.


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