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Note Procurement: The following process to update the basic data of your organisation is applicable to all cases, including Procurement. Nevertheless, please visit the e-PRIOR wiki for procurement specific information.

In this section, you can update your registration data: Organisation's name,  Legal Address and Contact Person's Information.

After applying modifications by clicking on Submit Changes has been clicked, you will get a pop-up window asking to confirm the changes.

If the change requires validation, and the organisation is currently in Valid status, the pop-up window will ask you to attach a document proof to confirm the change (see the PDF icon below):

If the change does not need validation, you are not requested to provide any documents.

Note about the legal form: depending in the selected country, there could be legal forms that are not to be used any more. Those are indicated by "***" and appear the bottom of the legal form list. Select a different form if you selected one of those non-allowed ones.

Download the whole Participant Register User Guide as an Adobe PDF file.


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