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The Update page consists of a series of data input fields and selection lists organised thematically by groups on a single page.

You can also manage your Messages and Documents  through the relevant sections.

The data groups are Organisation (Organisation data, Legal Address, Contact information), LEAR, , Bank Accounts, Programme Specific information (only applicable to grants: Legal Status, Indirect Cost Method, Certification), ERASMUS (only applicable to EACEA programmes), SME, Financial capacity.

When updating their data in Participant Register, the activities section is presented on the top of the scrolling page as dismissible alerts. Each activity can be closed by clicking on the "x" icon. These alerts will appear in following cases:

When data is required from the LEAR and/or Financial roles

When documents are requested from the participants:

If there are unread messages:

Download the whole Participant Register User Guide as an Adobe PDF file.


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