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 The SME impact questionnaire is only available for projects having a SME beneficiary. The questionnaire manages the: 

  • Evolution of the SMEs during the project implementation regarding turnover and employment data
  • Forecast of the impact after project completion regarding turnover and employment data

For SME-2 projects, an additional table is shown, aimed at collecting the forecasts for turnover and employment for the three years after project completion.

(warning) The SME impact questionnaire, part of the H2020 Periodic Report template, is available in the Periodic and continuous reporting

Source document 

The Impact on SMEs questionnaire covers section 7 of the H2020 Periodic Report Template. Fill in the relevant programme to see the relevant template. 

Relevant screens in the Grant Management Services


Evolution of the SME during the project implementation

Click "Add SME periodic survey" to add an impact survey to keep the turnover and employment data for each SME updated according to the most recent accountability period.


  • the SME name from the drop down menu
  • the date as of when the information is valid
  • updated turnover of the company
  • updated number of employees

Forecast of the impact after project completion

Complete the table with your estimated forecasts for the three years after project completion
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