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Gender information needs to be provided for each partner in the project:

Gender of researchers and other workforce involved in the project

  • fill out the number of female and male researchers
  • fill out the number of females and males in the workforce other than researchers
    • Workforce must always be counted using Head Count (HC) as unit and never Full Time Equivalent (FTE).
    • Workforce participating to the project must be counted, in HC, either when paid by EU funding or as in kind contribution from Third Parties. 

  • the total number of females and males in the workforce will then automatically be calculated. These two columns are non editable.
  • click the save button

(warning) All editable fields need to contain a value; they cannot remain empty to avoid receiving a blocking error at the moment the report is submitted. In case there are no female/male researchers involved in the project, the value "0" (zero) should be inserted.

In case of Partial Takeover, the questionnaire is updated to transfer the data of the terminated beneficiary to the new beneficiary. The terminated beneficiary is removed from the 'Gender' table in the continuous report and in the impacted periodic report.

Gender dimension in the project 

  • indicate whether the project includes a gender dimension in research
  • click the validate button.

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  1. Questions of coordinators:

    • Should they count only the personnel directly involved in the implementation of the research and development part of the action - as the title suggests? Should admin/finance/coordinating staff be added to this headcount or not?
    • Should they count the personnel during the reporting period (even those who participated for a short period) or those only who are there at the end of the reporting period?