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The periodic scientific report must include information about the scientific progress of the work. By completing the fields on this screen, an overview of the dissemination of results can be submitted. 

Source document

Please see the Annotated Grant Agreement under the  reference documents  on the Funding & Tenders Portal for more information. 

Relevant screens in the Grant Management Services  


Dissemination of results to academic and non-academic audiences

Add item Modify item Remove item

Click on the corresponding link.

Provide the requested information (the fields marked with are mandatory to complete) :

Click OK to save your data:

Click the corresponding row.

Modify the data and click OK to save your data.

Click the  button in the "Actions" column.

Information on other important outputs 

Edit text field

Indicate the other important outputs of the project using max. 4000 characters.

To enlarge the box and edit the text in a separate window, click the button.

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