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A brand new Experts Area is available in the Funding and Tenders (F&T) Portal, providing both new and existing experts with a user friendly interface. The new system not only allows for a simplified registration procedure but also provides user-friendly wizards for entering your profile, bank account and legal identity information. Furthermore, you now have the possibility to delegate the completion of your profile to someone else. For a step by step guideline on how to use the new Experts Area please click here.

Changes to the User Interface and New Features

The interface for experts has changed radically including a completely new, more user friendly, look and feel. Below you will find some of these new features and changes.

Dashboard:   When you go to My Expert Area in the Participant Portal, you will see a user dashboard offering an overview of:

  • Profile progress
  • Active tasks (contract signature, payment submission, Legal Entity (LE) and Bank Account (BA) validation)
  • Contracts
  • Payments


Profile: Your profile progress is visible. Please ensure that you complete your profile in order to increase your visibility.

   There will be wizards to help you with Profile Registration, and validation of Legal Entity (LE) and Bank Account (BA).

Auto-complete fields:   Wherever possible, you will no longer be asked to provide data that has already been sent to the Commission.

Delegation:   It will be possible for you to delegate the completion of your profile to another person. You can delegate some tasks to an assistant, such as profile data entry, uploading LE and BA supporting documents, or even entering cost claim information and supporting documents.

Please note that the following tasks cannot be delegated:

  • contract/amendment signature, declaration of conflict of interest, change of point of departure
  • submission of a payment request
  • performance of tasks in SyGMA or SEP
  • partner search

Area of expertise:   Instead of having to look through a keyword tree, this is now an autocomplete field. A list of keywords appears underneath the input box as you type. Then it is just a matter of selecting the correct keywords to add them to your expert profile. If a keyword is not found, it is added to the profile as an open keyword. 

Current Employment: You are able to search for your organisation in the database by partially entering the name and clicking on the magnifying glass.

There are now only 5 organisation types to choose from. 

Languages levels:   Language levels have been reduced to three: Basic, Intermediate and Proficient. Only languages selected as proficient may be chosen as your mother tongue.


ORCID:   You can also use your ORCID ID to provide a persistent digital identifier that distinguishes you from every other researcher. For more information on ORCID, click here.

Programme and profile accessibility preferences:   In view of a corporate approach on the use of experts within the Commission and the creation of one expert database, the selection of programmes and sharing of profile data have been reshuffled.  By default, your profile will be visible and accessible by all funding programmes of the EU Institutions and bodies. You will be able to opt-out of some programmes that do not interest you.

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