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To modify who can see your profile, proceed as follows:

  1. Click CV in the Navigation

    The Modify CV screen is displayed:

  2. Scroll down and click the pencil on the title bar of the Who can see my profile.....
    ....then click the arrow to expand.

    The Who can see my profile screen is displayed. 

    Note:   By default your profile is available to all options under 'EU institutions and bodies'. 

  3. To access which institutions or bodies can see your profile, check or uncheck the box(es) beside each of the option(s) to indicate for which institutions you want your profile to be available. 

    Note: When you select any of the boxes under EU Institutions and bodies, all EU Programmes managed by the selected bodies will be automatically selected. The system will ask you to confirm your selection.

  4. Assuming you have selected at least one of the options under EU Institutions and Bodies, remember to check the box beside All programmes and sub-programmes of the above selected EU and non-EU institutions.
  5. Click the Save & Close button.

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