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Table of Contents:

Now you're in the Grant Management Services section where you will be able to follow up your proposal. Click here to find out how to access the Grant Management Services tool. 

The Grant Management Services provide three levels of information:

  1. Project information
  2. Process information
  3. Task information

1. Project information

In the left hand side panel, you can find all key data regarding your project. 


This box contains the key project data, such as:

  1. Call
  2. Type of Action
  3. Acronym
  4. Current Phase
  5. Number
  6. Duration
  7. Start Date
  8. Estimated Project Cost
  9. Requested EU Contribution
  10. Contact

Click on Latest Legal Data  to see the data of the:

  • latest amendment signed by both parties (in case a signed amendment exists)*
  • Grant Agreement (GA) signed by both parties (in case a signed amendment doesn't exist)*
  • latest completed grant preparation session (in case the GA isn't signed yet)

* Data update via an Information Procedure is now also visible in this screen.

Click on Active Processes  to see all current processes regarding your project.

Click on Document Library  to see all relevant documents regarding your project.

Click on Communication Centre to start using the message service.

Click on Archived Processes to consult your completed processes.

2. The process information

This panel contains the current processes for your project. Each process is defined by a yellow, blue, red or black box (in this example there's two processes running).

Colour explanation

yellow box means that a task is available to be carried out by the Consortium.

blue box means that no task is available to be carried out by the Consortium. 

black box means that the process is finalised.


Each process box consists of four sections:

The metro line section, indicating the status of the process.

The task line section, indicating the actual tasks to be carried out. Click on the title of the task (Prepare the amendment request data in this example) to start the task. Click the "Prepare request" button to finalise the task. 

The documents section, containing all relevant documents for the process. Note: obsolete documents are not listed, but can be accessed by clicking on the Document Library button . 

The messages line section, containing all relevant messages for the process. Note: All messages can also be accessed by clicking on the Messages button 

Process metro line icons

The process metro line can contain the following process icons:

Proposal Management and Grant Preparation



3. Task information

This is what a task looks like. Each button belonging to the task, will also display a tooltip/ help message when hovering over it. 

The task line can contain the following document icons:

Type of document
Document icons
DocumentIncoming or outgoing document without electronic signature
Draft documentDocument under preparation
Obsolete documentDocument that has been replaced by another or that is no longer relevant
Pack documentSeveral documents belonging to the same group

Sealed documentDocument that is ready for signature
Sealed and signed documentDocument that is signed and in force
Form to completeRedirects to a form to complete

  • To open/expand the task, click the  button: 


  • For open tasks, a progress status is being displayed when clicking on the task:

When clicking on a task document, the progress status of signing the document is displayed with the help of the following signature icons:

The coordinator has signed
The coordinator hasn't signed yet
The beneficiary has signed
The beneficiary hasn't signed yet
The EU has signed
The EU hasn't signed yet

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