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Legal text: 

1. Exploitation of results

The beneficiaries must take measures aiming to ensure exploitation of their results — either by themselves (e.g. for further research or for commercial or industrial exploitation in its own activities) or by others (other beneficiaries or third parties, e.g. through licensing or by transferring the ownership of results).

Rounded Rectangle:    This is a best effort obligation: The beneficiaries must be proactive and take specific measures to ensure that their results are used (to the extent possible and justified). </p>

The obligation applies only to beneficiaries receiving EU funding (see Article 9).

Where possible, the measures should be consistent with the impact expected from the action and the plan for the exploitation and dissemination of the results.

If the GA provides for additional exploitation obligations, these must also be fulfilled. (Such additional exploitation obligations will already be mentioned in the work programme/call.)

Rounded Rectangle:    Additional exploitation obligations apply to ALL beneficiaries. </p>

If the GA includes the option for information on standardisation, the beneficiaries must moreover inform the Commission/Agency on any results that could contribute to European or international standards.

Example: The results are produced in an area in which standards play an important role (such as in mobile communication, diagnostics or immunological diseases).

Rounded Rectangle:   For more guidance on dissemination and exploitation, see the Participant Portal Online Manual.</p>