Ownership / Control Assessment

As part of the 2021-2027 Multi annual Financial Framework (MFF), some calls require that the organisations in receipt of grants or other contracts are NOT controlled from outside the European Union. Through the ownership control assessment, the Central Validation Service will use the information (data and documents) provided by the participant organisations to conclude on the organisation ownership control situation. The outcome of the assessment will be then made available to the service in charge of the grant/tender awarded to your organisation.

Request for documents for the assessment

In the Participant Register, there is no reference to the ownership control data until it is requested by the Central Validation Service. You will receive an email, also visible under the My Notifications section of the Funding & Tenders Portal and under the Messages tab in the Participant Register:

There will be also a corresponding new task under the My Task(s) section. You will upload the documents by clicking on the task:

Step by step to provide the required documents

Access the task Request for "Ownership / Control assessment"

Access the My Task(s) section in the Portal and click on the name of the Request for “Ownership/Control” document task. 

To access the task and upload your documents, click on the name of the task and disregard the Actions button.

Upload the required documents

Click on the + Add document button:

A pop-up window will appear:

Click on the Choose files button or drag and drop the required document. Once done, the name of your document will appear in green under the Choose files button. You can only add one document at a time:

Select an option from the Document type drop-down menu. Additionally, you can provide a Description in the related field but this is not mandatory. Then, click Upload. At any time, you can click Close to get back to the previous screen.

Submit your documents

Once you have uploaded the documents, you see the following screen:

In this screen, you can see the record of the document that you just uploaded. Click on + Add document until you have uploaded all the required documents listed in the message that you have received. Use the comments field to justify if one or several of the requested documents are not available.

If you need to delete an uploaded document, click on the Bin button next to it. If you click Cancel, you will lose any uploaded document.

When you have uploaded all the required documents, click on the Submit button. If the submitting is successful, you will see the confirmation message on the screen:

If the Central Validation Service needs further supporting evidence, they will send you a new request to provide the documents following the same process as the one described above.

If the Central Validation Service does not contact you any more about this matter, this means that the assessment has been concluded for your organisation.