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31.10.2022 SyGMa context config week 42

Grant Agreement Preparation

  • The Grant Agreement Preparation process is now supported for:
    • Programme: European Defense Fund (EDF), Type of Action: EDF Development Actions (EDF-DA), Type of MGA: EDF Action Grant Budget-Based (EDF-AG)
    • Programme: European Defense Fund, Type of Action: EDF Research Actions (EDF-RA), Type of MGA: EDF Action Grant Budget-Based (EDF-AG).


  • For Consortium Requested type of amendments: the Researcher Opinion Letter has been configured for the ERC, ERC-POC, ERC-SYG types of actions. You can find more information on how to prepare an amendment here.

Reporting and Payment


  • The automatic generation of Payment letters for the InnovFund-AG-LS and PERI-AG ToMGA is now enabled.

Periodic reporting

  • The Periodic Reporting is now enabled for:
    • Programme: Social Prerogatives and Specific Competencies Lines (SOCPL), Type of Action: Project Grants (SOCPL-PJG), Type of MGA: Action Grant (SOCPL-AG)
    • Programme: Protection of the Euro against Counterfeiting Programme (PERICLES), Type of Action: Project Grants (PERI-PJG), Type of MGA: Action Grant (PERI-AG)

Project Monitoring

  • The Project Monitoring (PMON) has been now activated for the following programmes:
    • InnovFund2027
    • AGRIP2027 (Promotion of Agricultural Products)

    • DIGITAL (Digital Europe)

    • ERASMUS2027 (Erasmus+)

    • RFCS2027 (Research Fund for Coal and Steel)
    • SMP (Single Market Programme).

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