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The information exchange mechanism is a tool for the European Commission and contracting authorities to share information about various public procurement aspects of infrastructure projects. Using the ‘database’ section you can either consult the available library or upload documents in any EU language. To upload a document, an EU login is required.

The mechanism also includes a platform to discuss different aspects of procurement projects, such as the type of procurement procedure involved, the project stages, implementation problems, etc. Be part of the community and join the conversation in the ‘forum’ section. To be able to post, like and comment, an EU login is required. 

If you are registered for the eTranslation service you can use it to translate any of the documents in the database.

The Commission is not responsible for any publications uploaded by third parties. The content of these publications does not reflect the official opinion of the European Union. Responsibility for the information and views expressed lies entirely with the author(s).

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