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ESC52 - Quality Label

This page explains how to enter the affiliated entities information into the ESC52 - Quality Label application form. Adding a Affiliated Entity is only possible if, under the Context section in the application form, you selected the Umbrella application option. 

Adding affiliated entities is not applicable to the standard application.

Questions or fields may vary depending on the call year of your application. Please read the on-screen information carefully to complete the relevant fields and sections.

Quick Steps

Detailed Steps



Click "Participating Organisations" in the side menu

Affiliated entities can be entered in the Participating Organisations section. The Affiliated Entities section displays if in the Context section of your application form you selected the Umbrella application option. 

If the Affiliated Entities section is not displayed, please check the Context section of your application form. 


Enter the "Organisation ID" of the Affiliated Entity


Provide the "Organisation Details"

Click on Organisation Details and provide the required information in the same way as you did with the applicant organisation as described under Update Organisation Details


Complete the "Quality Label Details"

The Organisation Details section is now marked with a green check. Proceed to update the other sections for Quality Label Details in the same way as done for the applicant organisation.

After all sections are updated, all sections for the Affiliated Entity are marked with a green check, meaning all mandatory information was entered.

Participating Organisations in the side navigation is also marked with a green check, indicating completion.

Add additional Affiliated Entities (if applicable)


To add more affiliated entities, click on the ADD AFFILIATED ENTITY button and repeat the steps to complete the organisation details, starting with entering the Organisation ID.

Add all affiliated entities you are applying for the same way as described.

Edit an Affiliated Entity


To update already entered organisation details, use the Menu button next to the Organisation ID field and select Organisation Details.

To update information in the Quality Label Details, click on the hyperlinked section name(s) in the table to open the specific screen.

Delete an Affiliated Entity


Should you have to remove an organisation previously added, click the Menu button next to the organisation to be removed and select Delete Organisation. Confirm the deletion.

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