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ESC52 - Quality Label


What is the European Solidarity Corps Quality Label?

The European Solidarity Corps Quality Label certifies that an organisation participating in the European Solidarity Corps is able to ensure the necessary framework conditions for young people to take part in solidarity activities in compliance with the principles and objectives of the European Solidarity Corps and further requirements described hereafter necessary to ensure quality.

The Quality Label is an organisation's entry ticket for the European Solidarity Corps.

It is a prerequisite for participation in Volunteering, Traineeships and Jobs, but does not automatically lead to a European Solidarity Corps project grant. 

Source: European Solidarity Corps Guide 2020; page 18

To apply for a Quality Label please go to:

To apply for a grant request please go to:

Who is the Quality Label for?

The Quality Label is for organisations that want to be involved in Volunteering activities, Traineeships or Jobs. Depending on the type of Quality Label (for Volunteering/Traineeships/Jobs) and role of the organisation, there are different requirements in order to obtain the Quality Label. 

The following organisations must hold a Quality Label to participate in European Solidarity Corps projects:

  • All Supporting Organisations in Volunteering activities;
  • Host Organisations hosting volunteers;
  • Organisations applying for grants for Traineeship and Job placements.

In addition, an Umbrella application can be submitted by an organisation, on behalf of organisations linked to it by statutory links, which are considered its Affiliated Entities. In this case, the applicant organisation must monitor, and accept to be responsible for, the quality and safety of the placements offered by the Affiliated Entities on which behalf it is applying, as well as responsible for the appropriate skill development and learning opportunities of the young participants.

A Quality Label is not needed for solidarity projects.

When should an organisation apply for the Quality Label?

Organisations can submit their applications at any time.

Since organisations must have a valid accreditation at the date of the project application deadline, interested organisations are advised to submit the form well before they plan to take part in their first European Solidarity Corps project.

It takes about eight weeks to process a Quality Label application, but organisations should plan for more time before project application, to minimise the risk of a possible delay, jeopardising the eligibility of their project application.

What happens after the Quality Label is awarded? 

The European Solidarity Corps Portal hosts the main database of organisations holding the Quality Label. Information about those organisations, such as the description provided in English in the application form, will be published in the database.

The contact person provided in the form is responsible for keeping the information up-to-date, advertising opportunities on the European Solidarity Corps Portal and informing the National Agency/EACEA if there are periods during which the organisation does not intend to be involved in any projects (and should be temporarily removed from the database of organisations holding a Quality Label).

Information in the database is published as it is formulated in the Quality Label application form. It is therefore crucial that organisations write clearly so that potential participants and partner organisations can get a good impression of the organisation and its involvement in the European Solidarity Corps. Once the organisation receives a confirmation from the National Agency/EACEA about its awarding of the Quality Label, it may take part in its first European Solidarity Corps project application!

How to apply for the European Solidarity Corps Quality Label?