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ESC13 - Volunteering Partnerships Annual

This page here explains some specifics for the ESC13 - Volunteering Partnerships Annual application form.

Questions or fields may vary depending on the action of your application. Please read the on-screen information carefully to complete the relevant fields and sections.


Unlike other web application forms, in the ESC13 - Volunteering Partnerships Annual form you have to enter the Applicant Organisation PIC number in the Context section.

After entering the PIC, nearly all fields under Context, such as Project Title, Project Acronym, Framework agreement reference and National Agency of the Applicant Organisation will be automatically filled. Those fields cannot be edited.

The data displayed is retrieved from the related ESC12 - Volunteering Partnerships project of the organisation.

Only Language used to fill in the form, Project Start Date (dd-mm-yyyy) and Project Total Duration (Months) can be updated/selected.

Applicant Organisation

When clicking Applicant Organisation in the side menu, the Applicant Organisation main screen opens. The PIC is pre-filled with information retrieved from the Context section and cannot be changed from this section.

A red exclamation mark indicates missing information.

Click on the name of the organisation under Legal Name to open the Applicant Organisation Details screen.

All general mandatory fields are pre-filled and greyed out. This information is retrieved from the Participant Portal. Only non-mandatory fields can be updated.

In the ESC13 - Volunteering Partnerships Annual application form, there are no additional sections for the organisation; such as Profile or Background, only Associated Persons.

Associated Persons

The Associated Persons section within the applicant organisation screen displays the button Retrieve data from ESC12.

Clicking this button will:

  1. Retrieve the Associated Persons information from the related ESC12 - Volunteering Partnerships project of the organisation.
  2. Make all information on the associated person non-editable.
  3. Change the button display to Not retrieve data from ESC.

Should you want to add different Associated Persons than the ones in the related ESC12 - Volunteering Partnerships project, do not click the Retrieve data from ESC12 button.

Instead encode the information as described under Add associated persons of organisations.

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