Wednesday, 4th of July 2018, 15:00-16:30 CEST

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Draft Agenda

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Welcome and approval of the agenda (JRC)

15:05-15:20Context and tasks of the sub-group (JRC)

Action mandate: Action 2017.2 on alternative encodings for INSPIRE data

Call for participation: MIG temporary sub-group 2017.2 on Alternative Encodings

Example encoding rules: Guidelines for the RDF encoding of spatial data

15:20-15:30Round-table of sub-group members (all)
  • All to shortly introduce themselves (name, affiliation) and planned contributions to the the tasks of the sub-group

15:30-15:45Working methods and tools (JRC)
  • Collaboration tools (wiki, issue trackers, e-mail, webex, ...)
  • Frequency of meetings

15:45-16:00Open questions & AOB

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