document: [DOC4rev]_Possible revision of IR on data interoperability_rev.docxChanges required also to:
IssueChange proposalannexsection(s)Changes made to IRUMLTGXML schemanot backwards-compatibleNOTES
2IR amendment removing all code list & enumeration values and adding an explicit reference to the INSPIRE registry-Art. 4 and 6, whole RegulationRemoved Art. 2(7) and Art. 4(3); modified Art. 6; examples for how code list and enumeration values will be removed from the text are given in chapters 3 and 4 of Annex I.xx (if enumerations are changed to code lists)
3Change proposal on voidability and multiplicities-Art. 4Added the sentence as numbered point 2. of the list; changed the following numbers of the numbered list accordingly
4Change proposal on allowing national coordinate reference systemsII1.3.4Added the sentence and the words specified
5Change proposal on adding Web Mercator as a possible CRSII1.3It has been agreed to have no changes in the IR for this change proposal
6Change proposal(s) on the data models of Population Distribution & Demography (PD) --It has been agreed to have no changes in the IR for this change proposal, but TG need to be updated. This change proposal includes all the change proposals from 2.3.1 to 2.3.7 in the sheet 'All change proposals'X
7Change proposals related to bug-fixes / corrigenda & minor changes to the conceptual models and to ensure coherence with thematic legislation--Specific amendments to the IR accepted here are explained in detail in the sheet 'All change proposals' in this file.