Impact everywhere

image: jojo77

A small coffee roaster [] travels to Ethiopia and buys green coffee directly from a coffee farmer without intermediary trade. They invest part of the profit in the construction of local schools. I was surprised how many people in Ethiopia can benefit from this.

An engineering firm [] provides energy consulting services in Mannheim until they have made the necessary turnover. With the rest of the time and the profit left over, they go to affected countries in Africa and build wells there, because as engineers they can easily do that. The impact is innumerable. In both cases, direct social impact is in the countries described, but the jobs of the companies are created here, so we have good arguments for supporting these companies.

image: Sandra Mahle

During the Covid-19 crisis, [], a mutual insurance company [in France], called upon its militants, elected representatives and employees to reinforce [their service in support of people in difficult conditions] by contacting more than 255,000 elderly people living alone and single-parent families, without any commercial objective. This demonstrates what mutualism is all about: an evolving, innovative, inclusive solidarity, serving general interest by limited profit-making.

image: sara

My colleague has started about 10 years ago a social enterprise in Amsterdam, a fashion brand, where (multi-problem) street teens make their own (street) fashion. It turns out that there are many teens who do not have a house, but do have a great sense of style and fashion – especially because it is one of the only things they still have, while living on the street. What I like most about [them] is that it addresses a very difficult group of people in the social domain not on what they are not good at, but helps with something that they are good at. The teens get 10% of the sales price of the products that are sold and many get a lot more self-confidence and income. 3 years ago they started a second studio in Berlin, and last year they opened a third one in New York.  A lot of big fashion brands want to use the inspiration coming from [this project].