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The Eurostat metadata team is pleased to announce that a new release of the ESS Metadata Handler is now available in the Acceptance environment and accessible here.

Prior to launching the new version of ESS Metadata Handler to the Production environment in mid-April, you may have a glimpse, try and test the new features in the Acceptance environment of the ESS Metadata Handler.

This version includes for example the enhancement and smoothening of the workflow within the application with amendments in the following main aspects:

  • Editing and other possibilities depending on the status of the metadata files and the role permission of the user
    • Validators: Editing of files in "Ready for validation" without reverting the file status to "Draft"
    • Editing generally restricted for files in statuses "Validated", "Published", "Deleted".
    • improvement of "Recall" actions with guidelines and options to chose the destination status (depending on the assigned user role)
  • Notifications on actions performed in ESS MH to the various user roles
    • Provider and Super Provider will receive notifications when metadata files, they have access to, are being
      • "Validated" and "Published" or requested for clarification, i.e. "Need info (before Validation)";
      • "Restored" or "Deleted"
    • Validators now also receive notifications when metadata files they have access to are "Unpublished" and certain "Recall" actions are performed.
  • Abandoning of "Owner" concept in ESS MH: There is no "Owner" of a file recorded anymore, instead the "Sender" is recorded and displayed, whenever a file is being sent for validation. For information only, no notifications are tied to "Sender".

Furthermore, the following improvements or new features are introduced:

  • When the Editing wizard to a metadata file is blocked due to a lock by another user, you can now drop a message to the user occupying the file of interest via a "Notify the user" feature.
  • HTML views of guidelines available to Validators in  Administration > Guidelines.

The sections ESS MHUser Guide and the Short User Guide will be updated in due time before the release in ESS MH Production.

Please do not hesitate to contact in case you have any question.