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European Solidarity Corps

ESC50 - Quality Label

In this section you have to provide information about the objectives of your participation in the European Solidarity Corps, the type of activities you wish to implement and their benefits.

This section of the Quality Label application form is only applicable for organisations applying for a Traineeships and Jobs Quality Label and for organisations applying for Volunteering who have chosen to act as applicant. If none of those conditions apply the Strategic Development section in the form will display "This section is not applicable".

Take note

Questions or fields may vary depending on the Quality Label you are applying for. Please read the on-screen information carefully to complete the relevant fields and sections.

Quick steps

Detailed steps


Click on "Strategic Development" in the side menu

Click on the Strategic Development link in the side menu. The Strategic Development screen opens. 

In this section you have to provide information on longer-term goals, plans, expected benefits and the link those with the objectives of the programme and give an overview of planned activities.


Fill in the required information on goals and benefits

Provide information on the goals, benefits etc. of your organisation to achieve by participating in the programme. Please read the onscreen information carefully before completing the relevant fields and sections.


Describe your first objective

In the Objectives section add the following information for your first objective in the dedicated fields:

  • Objective title - What do you want to achieve?
  • Description - How is this objective linked with the needs and issues you have explained?

To add subsequent objectives, click on the ADD OBJECTIVE button. The Objective 2 subsection displays.

As with the first objective, provide all mandatory information in the available fields. Add any additional objectives in the same way.


Delete an objective

If you want to remove an objective click on the DELETE OBJECTIVE button. Confirm the deletion by clicking Yes in the confirmation pop-up.

Note: At least one objective must be filled in. 


Provide information on impact on target groups

Provide information on the intended impact on the target groups, participants and participating organisation(s) and how you are going to measure it. You also have to mention any impact at local, regional, national, European and/or international levels.


Fill in the "Overview of planned activities" section

In this section you have to provide information on the activities you would like to implement with European Solidarity Corps funds.

A table is displayed in which you must indicate the estimated target numbers of activities and participants for at least two years. To provide the required information:

  1. Select the Activity Type from the drop-down list.
    • The available activity types are displayed according to the selected scope of the Quality Label, including those your organisation may already hold
    • The same activity type can be chosen only once
  2. Select the related Objectives targeted from the drop down list; multiple selection is possible
  3. Enter the Target number of activities and the Target number of participants per year
  4. The minimum required period is of two years. You can add additional estimated targets for additional years (maximum 7) via the ADD YEAR button.

Once you add more than two years, the DELETE YEAR button becomes available, enabling you to delete the additional years one at a time, starting with the last year you added.


Provide information on "Inclusion"

Select from the drop-down list whether your organisation's planned activities have Inclusion as a main theme. 

Depending on your selection, you have to provide additional information in the available fields. Please read the onscreen information carefully.


"Strategic Development" section marked complete

Once all mandatory information is provided, the Strategic Development section in the side menu will display a green check. Continue to the next part of the application form.