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  • Germany: Vilstal (Lower Bavaria): "The Silicon Vilstal Experience Festival"
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Vilstal (Lower Bavaria)


Sponsored by:

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17 - 20 September 2020


Silicon Vilstal is a grassroots initiative, established in 2016;  Participation in ESER 2019; Participation in the International Green Week Berlin in January 2020 in the rural development segment. Together with eleven other creative rural initiatives, Silicon Vilstal realises a joint 12½ points plan for rural innovation in Germany throughout 2020.

Key objective

To showcase tangible examples of social innovation in order to advance innovative capacity and sustainable solutions in rural regions.

To enable exchange of ideas and networking in a unique setting.

Target audience

Local public, start-ups, creative entities and experts, children, students.

Expected outcome

  • Making digitalisation and innovation tangible in rural areas
  • Strengthening social entrepreneurship and regional start-up eco-system
  • Increasing local belongingness and social cohesion
  • Fostering education, entrepreneurship and partnerships.