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ESC11 - Volunteering Projects

ESC21 - Traineeship and Job

This page explains how to enter Project Management and Governance details for your organisation and partners in the Web Application Form.

Take note

Questions or fields may vary depending on the action of your application. Please read the on-screen information carefully to complete the relevant fields and sections.

Quick steps

Detailed steps


Click the "Project Management and Governance" tab in the side menu. 

Click Project Management and Governance in the side menu. The Project Management and Governance screen opens. Here you will provide information about project management, governance, and partners for your project.

Mandatory fields are indicated in red and incomplete sections are marked with a red warning icon.


Fill in the "Project Management and Governance" section.

Enter the required information in the available mandatory free text fields. Once a mandatory field has been filled in it is marked green.

For ESC12 - Volunteering Partnerships application forms, no further information is required in this section. The side navigation is marked with a green check, after all required information is provided.


The "Partnerships" section (ESC11 - Volunteering Projects only).

Scroll down to the Partnerships section. Add the partner organisations involved in your volunteering activities and answer all the mandatory questions in this section.

If you plan to work with partners, provide all the required information in this section. 

To add a partner organisation:

  1. Click the Add Partner button.
  2. Enter the Organisation ID of the partner organisation in the Organisation ID field. The organisation name, country and related European Voluntary Service Accreditation or ESC52 - Quality Label information are automatically displayed.
  3. Select the specific Activity ID from the available drop-down for which you are partnering with that specific organisation. The Activity IDs displayed reflect the activities entered in your application under Project Activities.

To add another partner organisation, click the Add partner button and repeat the above steps. 

Please note that under the Project Activities you will have to link each activity that you plan to implement to a host organisation. To do so, you have first to encode the host organisations involved in your project here.

To remove an already entered partnership, click on the X and confirm deletion.  

The available free text fields under the list of partnerships have top be filled in. 

Once all the required information is filled in, a green check mark in both the side menu and for all sub-sections (if applicable) displays, indicating completion.