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Meeting Agenda

  1. Spatial Scope Codelist
  2. Definition of new monitoring indicators
  3. Country fiche tool testing
  4. AOB

Minutes of the meeting


The minutes summarise the main conclusions and actions from the meeting. Actions are indicated in the minutes using checkboxes and are tracked in the "Open actions" section below.


National representatives from AT, BE, DE, ES, HR, NL, FI, PL  and from DG ENV, DG JRC and EEA

Discussion, main decisions and actions

1. Spatial Scope Codelist. Feedback received from: AT, DE, HR, NL and EEA. Subgroup agreed to keep in the definition: Administrative level. Some more editing proposal from EEA.

The final draft of the code list will be shared with MIG. 

2. Definition of new monitoring indicators

Draft proposal were presented by DG ENV. Some more discussion is needed regarding use of reference validator. Draft proposal will be shared with MIG.

3. Country fiche tool testing

Because of the security issue from November 2019, INSPIRE Geoportal and Inspire Knowledge Base are under security screening. The testing of the country fiche tool is allowed only for 6 countries.

  • JRC is planning to launch the testing from  

Testing will take 2 weeks. After that, JRC will in accordance with MS feedback do necessary changes/improvements in the country fiche tool. The date for official launch of the tool is not known yet. It depends on the security screening. Once the date will be known, it will be communicated to the MS reporters. Most likely the deadline for the update of the State of Play part of the country fiche will be 15 May 2019. The Country fiches from 2016 in word docx format will be also available to MS. ENV and JRC hope that the update of country fiche will be done by using country fiche tool.