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Call YearProgrammeAction
2018 onwardEuropean Solidarity Corps

ESC11 - Volunteering Projects

ESC21 - Traineeship and Job

Complementary Activities are side activities adding a value to the project and contributing to increase its impact (e.g. seminars, conferences, coaching) and are encoded under the specific tab in Mobility Tool+.

The indirect costs of those complementary activities in Mobility Tool+ cannot be higher than 7% of the direct costs and 80% of the total costs (direct + indirect) will be covered by the grant. The total eligible amount is displayed in the budget tab and is added to the Final Beneficiary Report.

Quick steps

Detailed steps


Open the "Complementary Activities" tab.

In order to add information on additional activities/actions during project, click the tab Complementary Activities.

Click the "+ Create" button.

Click the + Create button. The Complementary Activity Details screen appears.

Fill in the mandatory fields.

All mandatory fields are marked an orange label: value required, displayed underneath the field in question.

  • Activity Number: The activity number is auto generated and cannot be edited.
  • Type of activity: Briefly state the type of activity.
  • Description of the complementary activity: Outline a full description of the complementary activity.
  • Direct Costs: Enter the amount, corresponding to the direct costs of the activity.
  • Indirect Costs: Enter the amount, corresponding to the indirect costs of the activity, up to a maximum of 7% of the previously entered direct costs.
  • Total Cost (80%): The field is auto calculated, and not editable. It displays the total grant for the activity corresponding to 80% of direct cost + indirect cost.
  • Comments: Enter an additional comment, if required.

Take note

If indirect cost entered does not fulfill the required criteria, a warning message is displayed. You have to fix such errors before you can save the activity.

Click the "Save" button.

Click the Save button once all information is provided.

The complementary activity appears in the list of the Complementary Activities tab.

View a Complementary Activity.

To View a complementary activity, select the details line and click the view icon. The Complementary Activity Details screen appears.

Click the back to list button in the Complementary Activity screen to go back to the list.

Edit a Complementary Activity.

To Edit, select the details line and click the edit icon. This option allows you to edit information previously entered and save the details.

Click the back to list button in the Complementary Activity screen to go back to the list.

Delete a Complementary Activity.

To delete a complementary activity, select the details line and click the bin icon. You will be asked to confirm the deletion.

Budget screen.

The total amount for Complementary Activities is reflected in the Budget tab. The budget for Complementary Activities is usually displayed at the top of the page.