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Friday, 28th of August 2018, 10:00-11:30 CEST

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TimeAgenda itemDocument(s)

Welcome and approval of the agenda (JRC)

10:05-10:15Minutes of previous meeting and open action items
10:15-10:30Revised work plan (JRC)
  • See proposal below
10:30-11:15Discussion of examples, glossary items and open issues
11:15-11:25Next steps

Open questions & AOB

  • Face-to-face meeting



The minutes summarise the main conclusions and actions from the meeting. Actions are indicated in the minutes using checkboxes and are tracked in the "Open actions" section below.


Peter Parslow (UK), Marie Lambois (FR), Clemens Portele (DE), Scott Wilson (Eurocontrol), Armin Retterath (DE), Nathalie Delattre (BE), Tom Ellett von Brasch (NO), Ilkka Rinne (FI), Marco Minghini (JRC), Michael Lutz (JRC)

Welcome and approval of the agenda

The agenda was approved without changes.

Minutes of previous meeting and open action items

The minutes of the previous meeting were approved without comments.

Revised work plan

The revised work plan was agreed as proposed below.

Date/ meeting

GP: GeoJSON encoding rule

GP: Simplification Rules




  • Collect examples
  • Choose INSPIRE theme(s) and use cases (could be different ones for GeoJSON and Simplification rules)
  • Collect glossary items
  • Detailed workplan



  • Analyse examples & extract GeoJSON encoding & simplification rules to be included in GP
  • Develop GeoJSON/simplified encoding example(s) for chosen theme(s)
  • Launch call for tender for editor contract
  • Analyse examples & extract GeoJSON encoding & simplification rules to be included in GP
  • Develop GeoJSON/simplified encoding example(s) for chosen theme(s)
  • Launch of editor contract
  • Prepare status report for the MIG meeting (incl. recommendations for possible continuation)
  • 1st draft encoding rules / simplification GP
  • Test and refine examples (using client tools)



  • Internal review
  • Discuss open issues


  • 2nd draft
  • Launch MIG/MS review (until 1-Feb)



  • Discuss review comments


  • Final draft
  • Launch GP procedure
  • Organise GP webinar

Discussion of examples, glossary items and open issues

The following open questions were discussed. The conclusions from the discussion are reported below and will be included as a comment to the issues.

  • Should the simplification rules include extensions? 
    • Since this action's remit is to define additional encodings, the focus should be on simplifying structures that are deemed difficult to use, rather than duplicating information (in a complex and a simple structure) in the same data set. There may be different encodings with different levels of complexity depending on the supported use case.
    • A chapter on "extensions" should be added in the GP document on simplification rules that explains this aspect. It will also be important to define the terms "extension", "profiling", "flattening" 
  • Generic vs. theme-specific rules (for which themes?)
    • The main question here is whether the action should aim for generic or theme-specific rules?
    • It was agreed that the action should develop a list of generic simplification rules that can be applied to create an encoding as well as a default (sub-)set of these rules that should be applied to all themes (wherever possible). Additional further rules from the list might then be applied in addition for specific themes.
    • In general, the set of rules applied for a given theme and/or use case need to be validated before promoting them as a good pratice in INSPIRE.
    • All to use this issue ( to propose sample INSPIRE data sets, themes and/or use cases that can be used to develop examples of the proposed GeoJSON encoding and simplification rules. These examples should serve to prototype and test the proposed approaches, to focus our discussion and to illustrate the proposed approaches in the GP documents. Where possible, please also include (pointers to) open sample data that can be re-used.

    • The following themes were already proposed in the discussion: AD, O&M (AC-MF, OF and borehole-related observations), AU (to be checked with Spain), AM (to be checked with Denmark)
  • Should the GeoJSON encoding rule include simplification rules? 
    • There could be separate GeoJSON encodings using complex or simple structures for the non-spatial properties.
    • However, since the rationale for this action is to improve usability of INSPIRE data in standard GIS client applications, the GeoJSON encoding should use simple structures as much as possible.

The question Should the simplification rules / GeoJSON encoding rule include profiling?  was not discussed at the meeting.

Discussion on all issues should be continued on Github.

  • Heidi (and/or other sub-group members) to extract further relevant specific discussion topics (e.g. how to deal with data that is not available in the source data set) from the document provided at

Open questions & AOB

Open Actions

DescriptionDue dateAssigneeTask appears on
  • WE/TR: Plan communication towards Community
2017.2 meeting #6 2018-12-17/18
  • JRC/ML: Determine how to reconcile NilReason Model Transformation Rule with the requirements in the IR --> "You shall provide a value of ... or document ..."
2017.2 meeting #6 2018-12-17/18
  • Thorsten to start a stand-alone glossary document, based on the discussions in the group
2017.2 meeting #5 2018-11-30
  • Michael to investigate possible OF/O&M data sources with the MSFD community at the TG Data meeting in December.
2017.2 meeting #4 2018-11-09
  • Pawel to devlop an O&M example based on data for the Air Quality Directive
2017.2 meeting #4 2018-11-09