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ESC12 - Volunteering Partnerships

This page explains how to enter the Project Management information for your organisation in the ESC12 - Volunteering Partnerships application form. 

Take note

Questions or fields may vary depending on the action of your application. Please read the on-screen information carefully to complete the relevant fields and sections.

Quick steps

Detailed steps


Click "Project Management" in the side menu. 

Click on the Project Management link in the side menu to make the Project Management screen open in the main panel. It is here that you add the details of your organisation.

All text entry fields on this page must be filled in. You may need to scroll down to discover all text entry fields.

The status indicator at the top of the page will help track the sections left to fill in. By default, they are marked in red ("!" in a red triangle).

Once all the required information has been entered in a section, the red triangle is replaced with a green check symbol.

If the icon stays the same, there is still missing information in one of the fields. You can click the icon to be taken to the empty fields.


Fill in the "Quality Management" section.

The first information to update is the Quality Management in the free text fields. Once a field has been filled in, the text frame will turn green.


Fill in the "Monitoring and Evaluation" section.

Provide the required information in the free text fields in the Monitoring and Evaluation section, which is also mandatory.


Complete the Project Management section

Once all details are completed, the Project Management section is marked with a green check, meaning all mandatory information was entered.