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You have the possibility to export, save and/or print your application at any time as a pdf file. The page here explains how. 

Quick steps

Detailed steps


Click the "PDF" button.

Within your application form the PDF button, which you will find at the left bottom corner of the screen, is available.

To export, save and/or print the application, click the PDF button.


Select the opening option.

A pop up will open, asking you to choose an option to either directly open the form or save it on your local machine.

Choose the option most convenient for you and click OK.


Enable all features in the pdf.

Once you open the extracted pdf file you will notice a message on top of the document. This message informs you that the file is opened in protected view. You will not see any details of your application.

Click Enable All Features. The pdf will then display all details from your application.