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This page will be updated shortly to include the changes implemented in Mobility Tool+ Release 6.3 with regards to virtual and blended mobilities.

The current instructions refer to mobilities recorded in Mobility Tool+ before Release 6.3, which will be referred to as physical mobilities.

Basic information on virtual/blended activities and mobilities can be found in these pages:

Approved Budget (by National Agency) and Current Budget (in Mobility Tool+).

Explanation and illustration

The budget summary screen provides an overview of the approved budget as entered into the NA's Project Management System and this can be seen in the column Approved Budget (by National Agency).

The column Current Budget (in Mobility Tool) reflects the total for each activity and budget item as entered under each tab of the Mobility Tool:

  • Project management and implementation

  • Transnational Project Meetings

  • Intellectual Outputs

  • Multiplier Events

  • Learning, Teaching and Training Activities

  • Special Needs Support

  • Exceptional Costs

  • Exceptional Cost Guarantee

Between the approved column (indicated as 1 in the illustration below) and the current budget amount column (indicated as 2), are the minimum and maximum allowed transfers. The last column (indicated as 3) shows the percentage of the current/approved budget.


Allowed budget transfers between budget items.

Explanation and illustration

Transfer between budget items is allowed but only as indicated in the table below.

Transfer between budget items

Maximum and minimum percentage allowed for the transfer.

Explanation and illustration

Where transfer is allowed from or to a budget item, the following percentages and amounts based on the approved budget are displayed:

  1. Minimum current budget allowed after transfers to another budget item
  2. Maximum transferable amount to another budget item
  3. Maximum current budget allowed after transfers from another budget item

The font colour will change if any of these limits are exceeded. The legend on screen outlines when the colored font is used.

  • Blue indicates that the budget item's current amount is above the approved amount.
  • Green indicates that the budget item's current amount is below the minimum allowed amount after transfers to other budget items.
  • Orange indicates that the budget item's current amount exceeds it's approved budget.

Take note

Amounts highlighted using any colour is only for information and will not block any functionality, such as the submission of the beneficiary report.

Budget for Learning, Teaching and Training Activities.

Explanation and illustration

The Learning, Teaching and Training Activities budget item is further divided into the activity types. The total of which can be viewed from the mobilities tab. Filtering by only that activity type will display the total for that activity type.

Budget for Exceptional Costs and Exceptional Cost Guarantee.

Explanation and illustration

The Exceptional Costs and Exceptional cost - Guarantee both have comments fields. A comment should be entered and saved if either items have costs entered. Click on Save at the top or bottom of the budget screen to save the text entered. The save button will only become active after text has been entered on the screen.

Hide/Show budget transfers

Explanation and illustration
The budget transfers columns can be hidden from view by clicking on the button Hide Budget Transfers at the top of the budget screen. Click on the button Show Budget Transfers to display the columns again.

Export to PDF

Explanation and illustration
To export the budget information to pdf, click on the button Export PDF at the top of the screen.