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titleRelevant For...

This page is relevant for:

  • Erasmus+ Call European Solidarity Corps Call year 2021
    • ESC30 - Solidarity Projects

In this section , of the application form you will be asked to provide information to calculate the grant requested. Our example below shows how to complete this part of your application form using a Solidarity Projects (ESC30-SOL) form

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Message Box
titleTake note

Make sure to read the questions carefully and address all sub-questions.
Your answers can be short but should be clear and concrete. Make sure no necessary information is missing.

Questions or fields may vary depending on the action you apply for. Please read the onscreen information carefully to complete the relevant fields and sections.

Table of Contents

Quick Steps

Table of Contents


Detailed Steps

Numbered Headings

Access "About Your Project Budget" 

Click on the About Your Project Budget option in the content menu. The About  The About Your Project Budget screen opens.   

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Provide the required information

Fill in basic project costs


Fill in Coaching Costs

Go through each subsection and fill in the required information. To do so, either scroll down on the About Your Project Budget page, or click on each subsection title in the navigation tree to access each subsection separately. Your current selection is highlighted in blue.

Verify "Project Costs"

In the first table basic information about the project costs is displayed, based on information provided in the previous sections. The total Grant amount is calculated automatically.

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Fill in "Coaching Costs" section (if applicable)

If you selected yes to Coaching in previous section: in the About the Coach, please specify Coaching Costs details and add justification.


 section you indicated you would use the support of coaches during you project, the Coaching Costs have to be provided.

Type the number of days for which you require coach support as well as a justification in the available fields. A maximum of 12 days is allowed. 

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Fill in Exceptional Costs

Review budget

Complete details A grant for the first exceptional costs

If further exceptional costs, add another line in the Exceptional Costs table  by clicking the blue + Add in the bottom right of the table

Complete details for further exceptional costs in newly added line,

Sum of exceptional costs is calculated at the bottom of the table.


can be requested to support the participation of members of the group with fewer opportunities. 

This section only appears if you answered Yes to the last question in the About Your Group section, and has a green check by default.

To request exceptional costs click on the Add button. A new row displays with the identification number (ID) 1. Complete the Description and Justification field and provide the required Grant (EUR).

Repeat the steps above for each additional exceptional costs item that you want to record. Each new item will have a unique, incremental ID.

The Total Exceptional Costs Grant (EUR) is displayed below the table as a sum of all costs requested. 

Click the red cross to remove an exceptional cost item from the list. 

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Review the "Budget Summary"

At the bottom of the page , a table with with the Budget Summary is displayed. It provides an overview of the requested grant per budget item as well as the Total

Review the budget and, and if errorschanges are required, please correct the apropriate section above.


appropriate cost item in the relevant section of the About your project budget screen or in the previous sections of your application.

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Expected Outcome

  • About your Project Budget is section and all sub sections are marked complete

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