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Andras NIKL

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Present document describes

  1. the messaging defined for the ESS Structural Validation Services,
  2. structure of the validation report produced by the ESS Structural Validation Services, and
  3. the error types reported by the ESS Structural Validation Services.

Service version

Descriptions are based on STRUVAL version 7.5.2

Structural Validation Service

The Structural Validation Service (STRUVAL) performs the structural validation of statistical data files based on a set of pre-defined validation rules, contained in a Data Structure Definition (DSD).


  • that the transmitted file is an accepted and processable format (SDMX-ML, SDMX-CSV);
  • that the dataset contains the structures as defined in the DSD, including dataflow definition, code lists, concepts, key families and constraints;
  • that the values contained within the dataset follow basic requirements defined in terms of completeness, data format, data consistency and constraints applied.


The data provider may receive the following messages throughout the operation of the validation process via the Edamis service.


In case users have to be added to or removed from the list of receivers of any of these messages, please contact your counterpart in Eurostat.

Retrieval of the validation report

  1. The data provider may access the validation report through the Edamis feedback channel. The validation report is never sent directly to data providers due to possible confidentiality constraints. The Edamis service may be, however, configured to send an email to inform users of the availability of the report (and any other message received).

    1. For organisations where the EDAMIS Web Application (EWA) has been installed, the feedback will by default be sent to the EWA, regardless of whether EWA or the EWP was used for the specific transmission. The validation report is available in EWA under the Send Datafile > Received Feedbacks menu.



Structure of the validation report

The validation report consists of a Header section and an Error Listing section. The Header contains validation process metadata and a general overview of the results of the validation. The Error Listing section contains the details of all unique errors detected.


Example error, Measure filtered for confidentiality. Concept Value and Error Description fields removed:

Complete sample reports

Sample Validation Report_No Errors.txt


Sample Validation Report_Not Filtered.txt

Error types

The following list contains all possible error types detected and reported by the SRTUVAL service.