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Welcome, approval of the agenda & minutes of the previous meetingMinutes of previous meeting approved, no comments on the proposed agenda
Status update on development of the Reference validator
  • Contractors have developed the new ATS/ETS for MD TG 2.0, View Services (WMS and WMTS) and SOS:
    • ATS/ETS are available on Github (in our workspace) under different branches, in draft status (they may still change)
    • ATS/ETS are currently under testing from the JRC on sandbox instances provided by Contractors
    • ATS/ETS for WCS will be developed at a later stage
  • JRC is still evaluating to setup a test instance of the ETF validator, that everyone can use for testing
  • The cloud environment (to setup a cloud instance of the ETF validator) is available
  •  JRC to agree with the Contractors on how to setup an instance in the cloud environment
ETF improvement proposals for discussion
  • Show conformance class dependencies to users #6
    • the first proposal (automatic display of dependencies of conformance classes in the user interface) is considered of high priority/nice to have
    • agreement to move forward this first proposal, and keep the second proposal (dependencies also displayed as a tree in the "Configure Test Run" window) parked for the moment
  •  JRC to decide what to do with this page

  •  JRC to prepare and submit improvement proposals for the ETF, based on the feedback from the subgroup
Open Github issues for 2017.4 discussion
  •  JRC to create an improvement proposal
  •  Contractors to create a PR to fix the issue
  •  JRC to check with the issue proposer on which problem this generates
Workshop on ETF improvements
  • Background: we received a number of change proposals for the Validator, which are mostly related to the UI and not to the underlying validation system. Therefore, we would like to understand what is the best way to get ideas on future developments and we wondered to organize a workshop with the everyday users of the Validator (similarly to what we did in September 2018 for the Registry).
  • Since we received few comments on this idea, we are not sure whether it makes sense to have it.
  • Alternatively, another idea is to have a survey (as also used for the Registry) to get input by people that are actually using the Validator.
  •  JRC to prepare a draft survey (as a Github issue) for the next subgroup meeting, that everyone can comment


  • Creation of the Changelog page on the community space, in order to:
    • notify about the current status of the ATS/ETS, the changes made and issues addressed
    • notify about planned future changes of the ATS/ETS
  •  JRC to place a link to the changelog (instead of the roadmap) in the README
  • On January 23-24 JRC will host a workshop on the INSPIRE Geoportal with MS admins of national catalogues to increase the availability of datasets.
  •  JRC to report about relevant outcomes from the Geoportal Workshop (especially the ongoing work on data-service linking)
  • The date of next meeting will be communicated by the JRC.