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Agenda itemNotes / Actions
Welcome and approval of the agenda
  • No comments on the agenda
Minutes of the previous meetings
  • Endorsed without comments
  •  No comments were received on the TG change proposals. JRC to prepare and pubslish the new TG versions.

2016.4 Theme-specific issues / Thematic Clusters

  • Thematic Clusters platform is being revised. New version might be presented at the INSPIRE Conference (if ready in time).
  • Several face-to-face meetings of Thematic Clusters planned at the Conference (meeting point: EC stand):
    • 18/9 15:30-16:00: Marine and Atmosphere
    • 18/9 17:30-18:00: Topographic & Cadastral Reference data and EL, OI, RS & GG
    • 19/9 10:30-11:00: Earth Sciences
    • 19/9 15:30-16:00: O&M and EF
    • 19/9 17:30-18:00: Statistics and Health
    • 20/9 10:30-11:00: Biodiversity and Area Management
    • 20/9 15:30-16:00: Land cover and land use
    • 20/9 17:30-18:00: Facilities, Utilities and Public Services
  • New facilitator contracts are under preparation, incl. facilitators for the 2 new clusters on policy and tools
2016.5 Priority data sets / Thematic Viewer
  • The new Geoportal will be launched at the INSPIRE Conference.
    • Testers are welcome.
    • A final round of harvesting will be done in the week before the Conference. Harvesting will then be suspended for the duration of the Conference.
    • An advisory group or similar structure will be set up in the autumn to collect and prioritise requirements.
  • The new version of GeoNetwork (3.4.3) includes the support to load the codelists from the INSPIRE Registry, facilitating the use of keywords from the priority datasets controlled vocabulary to tag priority datasets. More information on the developments can be found on and
  • A workshop on priority datasets will take place at the Conference on 18/9 from 9:00-10:30 (room Okapi 1)
2017.1 Master Guidance
  • no activity since the last MIG-T meeting
2017.2 Alternative Encodings
  • The sub-group has started collecting GeoJSON and simplification examples and initiated a discussion on the crucial CRS issue
  • Next steps are the in-depth analysis of the examples and extraction of aspects or rules to be included in the GP documents
  • A call for tender for an editor contract to be launched by JRC towards the end of September (combined with support for 2017.3)
  • A face-to-face meeting is planned for end of November
2017.3 Better client support for INSPIRE data
  • A call for tender for supporting the action to be launched by JRC towards the end of September (combined with support for 2017.2)
2017.4 Validation & conformity testing
  • The governance structure for the ETF software has been set up. ETF Improvement proposals (EIPs) are collected, discussed and prioritised on Github, e.g. on performance improvements, UI simplification.
    • ETF developments are now also funded through a contract with German mapping agencies (AdV)
  • ETS for Metadata Technical Guidance (TG) v2.0 to be released at the INSPIRE conference
  • The ATS for View Services has been updated, and work on the ETS has started.
  • Work on ATS and ETS for SOS-based Download Services TG has started.
  • The 2017.4 sub-group will also discuss the data-service linking paper in their meeting on 30/08.
2018.1 Monitoring & reporting 2019
  • The call for re-newing membership in the 2018.1 (ex-2016.2) sub-group is still open.
  • A workshop on the future of INSPIRE Monitoring and Reporting will take place at the Conference on 18/9 from 16:00-17:30 (room Gorilla 3). An informal meeting of the sub-group could take place directly afterwards.

Register and registries
SDW Actions 1+2 (data-service linkage)
  • The discussion paper was presented; comments are welcome by 14/9, in particular on implications and feasibility for existing or future implementations in the MS.
  • The discussion paper will be discussed in depth at the upcoming face-to-face MIG-T meeting.
SDW Action 3 (WFS 3.0)
  •  Jari to report at the next meeting about the progress presented at the OGC meeting in Stuttgart.
  • ISO/TC 211 and OGC are looking into how the work can proceed and be submitted as an OGC standard /International Standard with the shortest possible time frame, taking into consideration the maturity of the spec and implementation experience from the hackaton.
SDW Action 4 (making spatial data discoverable through mainstream search engines)
  • An ad-hoc meeting will be organised at the INSPIRE Conference on Wednesday, 19/9 from 17:45-19:00 (room NIghtingale), for which there is considerable interest.
SDW Action 5 (linking spatial data and persistent ids)
  •  Carlo has analysed existing good practices for linking/persistent ids and will document them on the wiki.
News from standardisation bodies
  • JRC is preparing a renewed collaboration agreement with OGC.
AOB / Information points
  • The next MIG-T face-to-face will take place in Paris on 24-25 October.
    • Only limited funding will be available for participants that will support the preparation and/or running of the meeting.
    •  Marie to provide logistic details