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See the full action mandate for further details.


During the two years covered by the Action, the INSPIRE Reference Validator has become a central and mature tool used on a daily basis by an increasing number of implementers and data providers. The Validator was also used to measure the conformity of MS metadata and compute the related indicators for the 2019 Monitoring process. A number of improvements have been made to the software and the overall validation framework. The most significant include:

  • development of new ATS and ETS for: Metadata v2.0, View Services (WMS & WMTS), Download Services (SOS & WCS), Discovery Services (CSW); ATS and ETS still to be developed are those for Annex II/III Data Specifications;
  • performance improvements: the Validator runs on the cloud to improve efficiency and scalability; a number of other improvements have been made, for example the caching of schemas to speed up metadata/data validation;
  • operation and maintenance of two Validator instances: in addition to a production instance which provides the consolidated tests (already approved by the community), a staging instance including the latest developments and used for testing purposes by the community;
  • a release planning strategy for the Validator and a detailed changelog for each release, also including instructions for deployment using Docker;
  • helpdesk support for the community, with a number of artifacts to further assist users: helpdesk workflow, labels, milestones, and project board;
  • setup of a governance structure based on a Steering Group and a Technical Committee, where the JRC is involved, for the ETF framework, the open source software representing the core of the INSPIRE Reference Validator.


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