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The actions in the table below have been endorsed in the MIWP 2016-2020.

MIWP-IDTaskWiki spaceStatus
2016.4Theme specific issues of data specifications & exchange of implementation experiences in thematic domainsAction 2016.4ongoing
2016.5Priority list of data sets for eReportingAction 2016.5ongoing
2017.1Drafting of "Master Guidelines" for the INSPIRE DirectiveAction 2017.1
on hold
2Alternative encodings for INSPIRE dataAction 2017.2completed2017.3Improved client support for INSPIRE dataAction 2017.3completed2017.
4Validation and conformity testingAction 2017.4ongoing
2018.1Streamlining the monitoring and reporting for 2019 (phase 2)Action 2018.1ongoing
2019.2Improving accessibility of data sets through network servicesAction 2019.2ongoing
Completed actions
2017.2Alternative encodings for INSPIRE dataAction 2017.2completed
2017.3Improved client support for INSPIRE dataAction 2017.3completed
2016.1INSPIRE fitness for purpose – AnalysisAction 2016.1completed
2016.2Streamlining the monitoring and reporting for 2019Action 2016.2

completed in June 2017 (phase 1); follow-up to be carried out under a new action 2018.1

2016.3Validation and conformity testingAction 2016.3completed in June 2017; follow-up to be carried out under action 2017.4

MIWP 2016-2020 and action fiches