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  • ESER Policy session: How governments support Social Economy during the CODID19 crisis and ambitions for recovery
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14:00 - 16:00


  • Sarah Prince-Robin, Miss Prince-Robin is the Diplomatic Adviser of Christophe Itier, French High Commissioner for Social and Solidarity Economy and Social Innovation. She is in charge of monitoring and implementing France's European and international strategy in promoting the SSE and social innovation. She is also the representative of the French Government to the European Expert Group (GECES). Prior to joining the Cabinet, she worked for international organizations, think tank and NGOs in various sectors.
  • Maria Kucińska, Project implementation officer, ROPS, Region of Krakow, Poland
  • Richard Gavin, Senior expert Rural Strategy and Social Enterprise, Department of Rural and Community Development, Ireland


As a result of our collection of best practices from Social Economy and civil society in the fight against the Corona virus, we have shared in several thematic on-line sessions their initiatives (March-May).

A second step will be to share the response of governments at several levels (member state, region and city) in a dedicated session. The approach will by dual:

1) Policy response

2) Recovery

This session is organised with the "ESER community" (participants from 2018, 2019 and 2020) and will be made open for wider audience. The European Social Economy Regions projects make regional and local social economies visible by supporting them in organising awareness-raising events where stakeholders can build active networks, share expertise, develop policy advice and gain cross-European social economy knowledge. This is first out of five thematic ESER 2020 virtual sessions that will be organised between June-September 2020

The meeting format is classic: 15-25 min presentation 10-15 min Q&A and discussion.


Please request participation by sending an email to

You can register until the meeting starts. The participation link will be provided by email.

The meeting will be organised via "WebEx Meetings". The application can be downloaded, however this is not mandatory (browser access is possible).


Available after session.

Points of discussion

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