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Course Description

Target Group

The training session is aimed at SDMX practitioners and / or professionals who are interested in the SDMX standard.


To enable participants to manage and store SDMX artefacts using the graphical user interface of the Euro SDMX Registry, which is Eurostat's implementation of an SDMX Registry. In particular, after this course, participants will be able to:

  • Find SDMX artefacts required for SDMX implementation i.e. codelists, DSD, MSD, etc.
  • Retrieve the content of SDMX artefacts;
  • Update / create new SDMX artefacts.


The course covers the main functionalities available independently of the user's role and which include:

  • Browsing / searching artefacts;
  • Downloading / importing artefacts;
  • Creating artefacts;
  • Comparing artefacts;
  • Live demo example (hands-on session for Eurostat users).

Quick Facts


On demand


2 hours


Course for National SDMX practitioners: Online. How to connect to Webex user guide.

Course for Eurostat practitioners: Luxembourg

How To Apply

To apply for this course, please go to the training calendar and follow the instructions given in the specific training event. The calendar is available on Training courses & tutorials

Material from previous editions

Euro SDMX Registry

Suggested Reading

Eurostat SDMX Info Space


For more information about this course, please contact