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Quick steps

Detailed steps


Open the Erasmus+ Applications.

To start your application, access the Erasmus+ Applications web page. Open calls are available from the Opportunities tab.

All opportunities are grouped by Field of Opportunity, by Key Action or Accreditations.



Select an opportunity and click "Apply".

Click on the desired field, key action or accreditation to find the full list of opportunities in that category. Opportunities that are currently open display an Apply button.

In the example below, we clicked on the School Education field of opportunity. Select the opportunity you want to apply for and click the Apply button.


Draft application already exists.

If you already started to draft an application for a selected action type, a pop up will display stating Draft application already exists, after you clicked the Apply button.

Click on Open existing draft to open the already existing form in edit mode to continue filling it in. Click on Create a new application to start from an empty form. 


Start Screen.

The start screen opens. Here you will find:

  1. Notifications - this section is displayed as soon as you click on the Apply button if there are important announcements regarding the key action you are applying for. Otherwise, the form opens with the Guidelines section. Please read this section carefully before you start, as it contains important information that assists you in filling out the application form.
  2. Information on the selected opportunity and key action
  3. Application main sections menu, displaying sections such as Context, Participating Organisations, Project Description, Annexes, Checklist and more, depending on the action type.
  4. The Auto save information.  
  5. A PDF button, used to export the application as a PDF file. And the Submit button, which will only be active once all parts of the application are filled in.

You can now start entering all details of your application.