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2019 onward


You have the possibility to share an application with your colleagues or partners as long as the deadline for submission has not expired. Please note that any person accessing the form will need an EU login account registered with the email address you entered.

It is also possible to change access permissions and revoke access to applications.

Quick steps

Detailed steps

Share an application.


Select "Sharing" option.

There are two ways to share an application:

  1. In the My Applications tab, select the Share option from the contextual menu next to the application form you want to share, or
  2. In the application form, click Sharing in the left side menu.

The sharing screen opens, with the two sections: Sharing Summary and Sharing History.


Click "Share Application" button.

In the Sharing Summary section click the Share Application button to open the sharing screen.


Select the "Permission Level".

In the Sharing Application screen select whether the recipients can only read the information in the form or also edit the form.

If you share the form with more than one person at the same time, all recipients will be given the same permissions. This can be changed subsequently, using the Edit Sharing option for each individual recipient.

Note: if you give editing permissions to other users, you will not be able to submit the application as long as it is opened by one of those users. However, no other users with editing permissions are able to share or submit the application on your behalf.


Specify recipients, add notification and click on "Share".

You can share your application:

  1. With the contact persons of your own organisation and partner organisations by selecting their names in the Contact Person drop-down. The selected contact persons will be displayed under the drop-down
  2. With anyone else, by providing their email address in the Other Person section.
    Please note that if the email address is case sensitive, it should also be entered with the correct upper/lower case used. This is only relevant for certain email services.
  3. Click the ADD button to add the Email address field for each recipient.
  4. Optionally add a message in the comment field for internal communication. This message is only visible to members of your organisation.
  5. Check the relevant tick box to notify the selected contacts that you have shared the application with them.
  6. Comment field containing a standard notification message that will be sent to your recipients when you share the application. You can modify this message.
  7. Click on Share to send the application to your recipients. 

Take note

When sharing your application using the ADD option, your recipient's email address must be linked to an EU Login account, otherwise they will not be able to access the application.

Additionally, there is a 10 minute delay between sharing an application and edit rights being transferred to your contact. This delay applies any time edit rights change from one person to another. This means that only one user will be able to edit the application at any given time.


View the Sharing Summary and History.

The Sharing Summary and Sharing History will display the details of the share.

The Sharing Summary displays an overview of all users currently having access to the application form, displaying the email address, the permission level, and the date of sharing.

The Sharing History displays a list of all sharing actions, including information about when and to whom access was given, modified or revoked.

Your recipient will see the shared form in the My Applications tab, including information on their access rights on the shared form.

Selecting Preview from the menu button will enable them to see all the information you provided in the application, however they cannot make any changes to it. 

If you have given them editing rights, at least 10 minutes have passed since the sharing of the form, and nobody else has the form currently open, the Edit option is displayed.

Edit Sharing.


Select the "Edit Sharing" option.

The Edit sharing option enables you to change the permissions granted to the recipients of a shared application, from Read to Edit and vice-versa.

In the Sharing Summary screen, select Edit Sharing in the contextual menu next to the person for whom you wish to change the permissions.


Make desired changes and click "Modify".

  1. You can change the Permission level using the radio buttons.
  2. Optionally add a Comment.
  3. To share the change notification with all previously shared contacts, check the box.
  4. Once you have made the desired changes, click the Modify button.

Note that your recipients will not be able to share or submit an application on your behalf.


Your action will be recorded in the Sharing Summary and the Sharing History. Your recipient will receive a new notification that their access has been modified.

"Request editing" for an application.


Once you have shared your application and given editing permissions to another user, you can both work on the form but not at the same time.

Therefore if the application is already open by one user, it cannot be modified by other users unless they request editing the form. This is also applicable to you as the owner of that application.

To request editing:

  1. Open the form and click the Request Editing button.
  2. The user currently working on the form will receive a pop-up notification and can either hand over the form or keep editing it by clicking on the relevant button.
  3. The owner only has the option to keep editing the application.

If the editor's form has been open and inactive for more than 10 minutes, the requester is notified to refresh the form in order to edit it.

If the editor's form has been closed for more than 10 minutes, any other user with edit permissions can work on it with no need to request editing the form.

There are no email notifications for this process. All notifications are displayed onscreen when the form is open.

Revoke Sharing.


Select the "Revoke Sharing" option.

In the Sharing screen select Revoke Sharing in the contextual menu for the recipient whose access you wish to revoke. The Revoke Sharing screen will open.


Click "Revoke".

To revoke the access:

  1. (Optionally) Provide a reason for revoking the user's access in the Comment field.
  2. To share the revocation notification with the contact that will be removed check the box. The text displayed in the text field can be adjusted.
  3. Click the Revoke button.

Your action will be recorded in the Sharing History, while the recipient's user email will be deleted from the Sharing Summary.

The recipient will receive the notification that their access to your application was revoked if you selected the message option. The application will also be removed from their dashboard.