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What is the topic about?

A participating organisation is an organisation or informal group of young people involved in the implementation of an Erasmus+ project. Depending on their role in the project, participating organisations can be applicants or partners (also defined as co-applicants, if they are identified at the time of submission of the grant application). Once the project is granted, applicants become beneficiaries and partners may become co-beneficiaries if the project is financed through a multi-beneficiary grant.

Erasmus+ Programme Guide 2020; Glossary

All participating organisations have to be registered in the Organisation Registration system and have received an Organisation ID before completing the Web Form. The Organisation ID will be used to complete the organisation details in the application form. Organisation details cannot be updated in the application form, only in the Organisation Registration system. Check the Organisation Registration Guide for more details.

Depending on the application or request form being completed, organisations of different roles to the project may be added. In general for all roles:

  • The organisation details are added via the Organisation ID.
  • Associated persons to the organisation are added.
  • Additional organisations may be added depending on the application.
  • These organisations may then be used in other sections of the application form to indicate the organisations involvement in the project.

Role of organisations

The role of the organisation will vary depending on the type of application form being completed. For some, the applicant will be the sole participating organisation indicated and for other applications all roles may be used.

  • Applicant: participating organisation or informal group that submits grant application. Applicants may apply either individually or on behalf of other organisations involved in the project. In the latter case, the applicant is also defined as coordinator.
  • Consortium: two or more participating organisations teaming up to prepare, implement and follow up a project or an activity within a project. A consortium can be national (i.e. involving organisations established in the same country) or international (involving participating organisations from different countries).
  • Coordinator/ Coordinating organisation: a participating organisation applying for an Erasmus+ grant on behalf of a consortium of partner organisations.
  • Partner (organisation): participating organisation involved in the project but not taking the role of applicant.

Erasmus+ Programme Guide 2020; Glossary

How to complete participating organisation(s) details

Click on the link below to see how to complete the participating organisation(s) details. If unsure as to which role of organisation is required for your application form, please return to the index for your current application.