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Call YearKey ActionAction

2017 onward



In the first part of the application you will have to provide basic information on the Context of your project. 

Take note

Questions or fields may vary depending on the key action of your application.

Quick steps

Detailed steps


Click the "Context" menu.

To start the application, from the home screen, access the Context tab on the left menu.

The Context screen opens.

Enter the project context details.

All mandatory fields are indicated in RED and have to be filled in. You might have to provide following information:

  • Project Title
  • Project Title in English
  • Project Start Date
  • Project Total Duration
  • National Agency of the Applicant Organisation (see details below)
  • Language used to fill in the form

National Agency and Language used to fill in the form have drop-down options available. Once all information is entered, the fields are marked in green.

Note: If information in the form is incorrectly entered / does not fulfil certain criteria, a warning message is displayed. To proceed, such errors have to be corrected.

Select your National Agency.

One important aspect to take into account at this step of your application is the National Agency to which you want to submit your application.

You will find a drop-down list with the relevant Erasmus+ National Agencies covering each field of education, training and youth. In the drop down list, each National Agency is identified by a unique code accompanied by the name of the country in the national language:

If a country has more than one National Agency, consult the full list of National Agencies via the link provided in the form.

To find the code of the National Agency responsible for your field of education, training and youth to which you should submit your application.

The information to look for is on the webpage is NA Code and the fields in which it is active.

On the left hand side, the CONTEXT tab in the menu is marked with a green check to indicate that this section of your application is completed.