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This page explains how to add the details of associated persons for a participating organisation in the web application forms. Associated persons can only be added after the organisation (applicant or partner) is added to the project.

The information below is applicable for both applicant and any partner/participating organisations. 

Take note

Please note that questions or fields may vary depending on the key action of your application.

Quick steps

Detailed steps


Click on "Participating Organisations" in the side menu. 

Access the Participating Organisations screen by clicking on Participating Organisations in the side menu.


Open the "Organisation Details".

Select Organisation Details from the menu button for the organisation for which you want to add associated persons. Alternatively, click on the hyperlinked Legal Name of the organisation.


Access the "Associated Persons" section. 

Scroll down to the Associated Persons section or click on the Associated Persons tab via the breadcrumb.

Add Associated Persons.

Associated persons are persons related to the project in the selected organisation. At least two types of associated persons must be indicated: a Legal Representative and a Contact Person.

By default, the first Contact Person is flagged as Preferred Contact even if no information is yet filled in. This can be changed later, as you add more associated persons.

In some application forms (for example KA102 - VET learner and staff mobility) the Associated Persons list also displays the column Online Linguistic Support. See below for additional information.

Add the "Legal Representative".

To provide the legal representative information, click on Click here to edit in the Legal Representative row.

The Legal Representative screen opens. Mandatory fields are indicated in red.

Provide the required information in the available fields. Once the mandatory fields are filled in, they are marked green.

If the address of the legal representative is the same as the organisation address, click the USE SAME ADDRESS AS ORGANISATION button. The address of the organisation as provided in the Organisation Registration system is automatically filled in the form.

If the address is different from the organisation address, fill it in manually.

Once all information is entered, return to the organisation details using the breadcrumb.

The Legal Representative information is now visible in the list of Associated Persons and marked with a green check.

Add the "Contact Person".

To add the contact person click on Click here to edit in the Contact Person row. Provide all needed information as you did for the legal representative.

Add additional contacts (if applicable).

If needed, you can list additional contacts for your organisation by using the ADD ASSOCIATED PERSON button.

Provide the information on this additional contact as described above. All additional associated persons will be indicated as Contact Persons.

The "Preferred Contact".

By default, the first contact person is set to be the Preferred Contact. This is indicated by the radio button that is selected by default in the Associated Persons list.

If you wish to select another person as the preferred contact, select the respective radio button for that person.


Only one person in the organisation can be the preferred contact. 

The Online Linguistic Support Contact Person for KA102 & KA116 applications.

In some application forms you have the possibility to request funding for Online Linguistic Support. For this purpose, a specific Online Linguistic Support Contact Person is required. This contact person will receive an email with the credentials to access the Erasmus+ Online Linguistic Support Licence Management System.

To select a contact person as Online Linguistic Support contact, see Web Forms - Linguistic Support.  Online Linguistic Support and Preferred Contact do not have to be the same person, but they can be.


The Online Linguistic Support Contact Person for KA103 applications.

For KA103 - Higher education student and staff mobility within Programme Countries application forms, the role of Online Linguistic Support Contact Person must be selected inthe Associated Persons Details screen of the relevant contact person.

A mandatory drop-down is available. Select Yes to indicate a person as Online Linguistic Support Contact Person. Once selected, it cannot be changed, unless another person is set up as the Online Linguistic Support Contact Person. In that case, the drop-down will automatically change to No.


The drop-down Online Linguistic Support Contact Person is not available for the Legal Contact.

There is no Online Linguistic Support column in the list of associated persons in KA103 applications.


Edit or Delete an Associated Person.

To edit information for an existing associated person, access the Person's Details option from the menu button or click on the name to make the adjustments.

To delete an associated person from the list, choose Delete person from the menu button. This option is only available if at least two contact persons are added. The legal representative cannot be deleted.